Firefighters of the future could use flame-bending electric wands

Fire fighters are, in my humble opinion, some of the most courageous individuals that walk the earth.  Consistently putting themselves in harm’s way, anytime, anywhere, to protect their fellow citizens is something worth everyone’s gratitude.

Currently firefighters are left with few options when it comes to battling a blaze, the most common method employed being a heavy fire fighting hose spouting water.  If scientists have their way, fighting fires with water will soon become a thing of the past.

At the 241st National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society, Harvard scientists unveiled a method of suppressing and extinguishing flames without using a single drop of water.  Employing a 200-year-old observation noting how electrical charges can affect the shape of flames, the scientists developed an electrical wave “blaster” that could usher in a new, high-tech way of firefighting.

It works by connecting a  600-watt amplifier to a device resembling a wand which turns an electrical current into a beam.  After creating an open flame a foot high, the scientists put the flame out with their electric wave blasting wand.

Using a device like this would allow firefighters to put out fires, and clear flames from a burning building, providing entry into an enclosure in order to rescue those trapped inside.  Moreover, the scientists also see traditional water sprinkler systems being replaced by flame snuffing electrical pulse generators.

If successful, not only would firefighting be easier and safer, but it would reduce water damage caused by today’s firefighting methods in addition to firefighters no longer needing to use tremendous amounts of water to extinguish a blaze.

What do you think of the scientist’s plans for firefighting’s future?  Have you been the unfortunate victim of a fire?  What caused more damage, the fire itself or the water used to put the fire out?

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