Firestorm the Firebreathing LEGO Dragon

I have always been attracted to LEGO creations (who hasn’t?), but I have never been one to spend hours playing with LEGO bricks. Neither do I go out of my way to examine LEGO creations unless they totally stand out; and boy, does this LEGO dragon stand out!

Created by akama1_lego ((akama1_lego on Flickr)), the unique creature is called Firestorm. Not totally unique but definitely appropriate. For sure, countless dragons have been created using LEGO bricks, but this LEGO dragon is way ahead of all the others. Aside from the fact that it looks really cool and imposing, Firestorm actually breathes fire. End of discussion.

Here are shots of this hot, hot, hot LEGO dragon.


It’s the real deal, folks. Fire really does come out of this LEGO dragon’s mouth! And it’s even more impressive when the lights are out.

Firestorm Night

The fire may not be the billows of flames I always have in my mind when I go to my dragon dreamland, but hey, I am sure the creator took a lot of care to ensure that the LEGO bricks don’t get damaged when Firestorm wreaks havoc!

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Firestorm Back

This is Firestorm from the back. Whether or not you are an AFOL, you won’t be able to help but admire the the work. And yes, I think the colors are just perfect!

For the last shot, take a look at Firestorm up close.

Firestorm Close Up

And if those photos are not enough for you, here is a video of Firestorm showing off.

Someone once made a proposal to me – to create a LEGO pond to put koi in. While I think that that is a cool idea, it just didn’t really get my blood pumping. Now if a LEGO dragon – something like Firestorm but bigger and meaner – were brought up, I would not think twice!

AFOLs, what creature/object would you NOT hesitate to build if you have the time and money? (You already know my answer to that!)

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