First Assassin's Creed III Screens Leaked

If Ubisoft has been secretly behind all of the supposed leaks this week from Assassin’s Creed III, then it’s been a master stroke of PR. If not, they seriously need to tighten security. ‘Cause after all that stuff we got yesterday, now we have the first five screenshots, too.

I’ve seen a few gaming sites where bloggers have actually taken the time to speculate on whether or not these five images, which turned up today on Reddit, are legit. Are you kidding me? There’s no way these aren’t the real deal. They may not be very big in resolution size, but look at them! They’re incredible!

So let’s get down to it. Check out the screens, and then head down beneath for my notes on what they tell us about Assassin’s Creed III.

Assassin's Creed III alleged screenshot

Assassin's Creed III alleged screenshot

Assassin's Creed III alleged screenshot

Assassin's Creed III alleged screenshot

Assassin's Creed III alleged screenshot

  • Yep, that’s our new assassin standing up in a tree (a tree!). So at last, trees are climbable. Their inability to physically access in the last few games was akin to Altair’s death-by-water any time he fell into a pond in the first game.
  • Only one screenshot shows off a view of a 18th Century American city — likely the speculated New York, Boston, or Philadelphia. Those are British soldiers the protagonist is running up against, and there’s no doubt from their body language that they are among the game’s villains.
  • I love the authentic look of those old-school colonial buildings… I’m already imagining what it will be like to scale those walls and free-run across the rooftops!
  • The blue detailing on the assassin’s robes is a very nice touch, both aesthetically pleasing and a cool marker identifying him as being loyal to the U.S.
  • Four of these five shots depict wilderness settings. We’ve played out in the wide open plains of Italy and the Middle East, but never really in a fully navigable forest. This has the potential of altering the franchise’s familiar game dynamics more than you might imagine. I wonder how much of those woods we’ll be able to freely explore, and what secrets they might hold…
  • That third screen is fascinating. Hunting the British army, in the forest, in the rain, hiding among the trees and foliage… Oh man, that’s going to be so cool. And if the protagonist is indeed a Native American as many fans believe, then he’s probably right at home in the woods.
  • Is the assassin hunting that animal in the fourth screenshot? Might hunting be how he sustains himself out in the woods, where he’ll be far from doctors and healers?
  • I can’t wait to try out that bow-and-arrow.
  • The guy in the last screen looks pretty important. Is he a famous figure from history? Is that a gun he’s reaching for inside his vest? Papers? A flask? Whoever he is, he’s about to go down.
  • How awesome is the assassin’s tomahawk?! It uses the familiar Assassin symbol as its blade.

What do you suppose the new assassin’s name is? Will they go the traditional Native American route and name him something like “Angry Moose”? Or could they give him a name that’s more in keeping with the Colonials? One rumor going around is that he’s only half-Native American, so this second theory is not beyond the realm of possibility. I think it’d be cool if he had the surname Miles, since we’re getting closer to Desmond’s time. But I’m not holding my breath.

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