In Flight Entertainment: 6 Apps To Download Before Takeoff

What’s the most frustrating thing about air travel? Besides long security wait times and the tiny seats, the clear winner is lack of free internet access. When you’re stuck on a plane, whether for an hour or ten hours, you want access to your music and games – but in an era of streaming music and connection-dependent gaming, you can easily find yourself without either. No, if you want play while on the plane, you’ll need to come prepared.

To avoid airplane mode problems, you’ll want to add “download plane-friendly games” to the list of airport prep, right up there with “pack your bags” and “leave ample time for security.”

Here are 6 of our favorite games for enough hours of entertainment for even the most frequent of fliers.

Auto Run Forever

Temple Run may not be the most original game option, but we all know how addictive this well-designed auto-runner can be. With the endless series of challenges and fantastic 3D graphics, you can run, jump, and roll from Newark to LAX.

By Air Or By Sea

Fishing is supposed to be relaxing, right? Well, you might need to reconsider that preconception if you’re going to take on Ridiculous Fishing. The name – though upfront about being a less-than traditional take on fishing – is a little understated for a game that features fishing gear like a bowling ball and a very expensive hairdryer. And if that all wasn’t strange enough, sometimes your fish will turn into hats.

Ridiculous Fishing also features some stylized pixel-type graphics and impressive colors, situating this laugh-riot of a game in an aesthetically pleasing frame. You’ve never enjoyed fishing this much.

Birds On A Plane

Never mind snakes, it’s time to bring back one of the best strategy games around. Perfect for adult gamers and kids alike, Angry Birds offers hours of challenging gameplay and lots of comedy as the birds and pigs go to war in level after level. You’ll be glad you devoted some device memory to this game.

Roads, Rivers, Runways

Are you aware that many kids today don’t know about Frogger – but they play the same game with a different name? Yes, Crossy Road takes traditional Frogger gameplay and introduces some new twists in the form of collectible characters.

Similar to Ridiculous Fishing, Crossy Road’s visuals are also pixel-style, with levels designed to look three dimensionally blocky. Just don’t try to tell the kid playing it next to you that this is really just Frogger. You won’t be successful.

Options For Console Gamers

There are many more travel-friendly options for the casual gamer than for those devoted to console gaming – primarily due to space constraints on mobile devices. If you’ve got the room on your iPad, however, Grand Theft Auto offers a sandbox approach to traditional gameplay.

Be prepared: it may take some time to adjust to on-screen controls, but once you get the hang of them, you can do almost anything in this version of GTA that you can in normal console play.

Bastion is rocking the gaming world as an Xbox Live game, but the beautifully designed, narrative adventure is also available for your phone. This is a game you’ll really want your headphones for because it has one of the best game scores around. Take this one with you and you won’t have to worry about inflight music.

Don’t wait until takeoff to download these great games for your next flight. They’ll keep you occupied when inflight entertainment inevitably fails, whether you’re on a quick commuter flight or an international adventure.

You haven’t had this much fun on a flight since you were a kid with a window seat.

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