Flying On The Wings Of Broken Dreams

I am sure (in fact immensely positive) that I am not alone in reeling in frustration and disappointment after a failed attempt to purchase tickets for San Diego Comic Con. One only has to look at the notices of anger and sorrow posted on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit or pretty much anywhere on social media to hear the litany of complaints of what at best can be called ‘technical errors’.

Still, it’s all over now, at least until the second round of ticket sales sometime after May 15th, where we get to experience the heartbreak all over again. As several writers have pointed out, there was very little that was unfair about the system of ticket sales this year, there was equal opportunity to be kicked off the site or to misunderstand the instructions by expecting to see SOMETHING on what was actually a blank white screen (but you were actually in the queue) and press refresh. Cries for Ticketmaster to get involved could be heard, but considering how much that would hike the price of the tickets, is it really worth it? This writer would rather take his chances.

Meanwhile, the next crossover looms, as the solicitations for the Age Of Ultron have nearly all been released, and it looks like the issues will come thick and fast, with the first six over two months and the last four over another two. Now we have learned why the story has the ‘Age Of’ appellation, as it looks like the heroes create a whole new timeline in order to defeat our favourite android with daddy issues.

Hmm, I see shades of the Flashpoint. <Shudder>

Now, Marvel is no stranger to alternate realities, nor even alternate realities intruding on the ‘mainstream’. As long as this is a tool to introduce new characters rather than revamping existing ones, this writer will be happy. After all, what with the New Old All New (Original) X-Men and the Spider-Octopus, there is quite enough revamping going around.

As for cosmic threats to keep an eye on, my money is on Hickman’s Avengers and New Avengers, where the impending collision of alternate universes has a sweet build up. Now, if that is worked into the defeat of Ultron as well, that would be a treat.

Then the House of Ideas could Flashpoint to its heart’s content.

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