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Folks, We Have a New Galaxy and It's NOT an Exploding Phone

I should sit here and tell you all this stuff about this new galaxy that was just discovered, but rather, at this moment, I want to focus on that headline. Not like you cats are gonna comment or anything, so obviously I have to fluff myself for a minute here, deal.

You see, what makes the headline so damn impressive is all headlines from the last month involving the word Galaxy are all about Samsung’s exploding phone that is maiming children and making them into future world villains right now, as we speak. But OUTSIDE of that, there has been an actual new non-exploding galaxy found in actual space. I know far less about it than Gizmodo, so I will let them do the fancy talking, and I will show pics, accordingly.

“As you look back to ever more distant galaxies, the finite speed of light means we see galaxies further and further back in time,” astronomer James Dunlop of the University of Edinburg told Gizmodo. “Hubble sees the optical/ultraviolet light from visible stars, and ALMA sees the warm glow from dust clouds that hide very young stars, thus completing the picture of cosmic star-formation.”

The researchers believe that these newly-spotted cold gas galaxies could help reveal how galaxies behave in their very earliest stages. Their next step is to do a much larger sweep for cool gas in space to get a better idea of just how much there is out there. Once they do, they will be able to get a better idea of its role in star formation and hopefully bring back even more stunning images of deep space.

But wait, it gets cooler, after this pic there is video…

Isn’t she lovely?

Isn’t she beautiful?

Did you miss the fact that the last two subs under the pics were a Stevie Wonder song? I hope not, because that seems to be about all I can contribute to this conversation.

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