Forever Geek Book Club: Star Trek: TNG - Resistance (Review)

(Star Trek: The Next Generation)
By J.M. Dillard
Mass Market Paperback
Publication Date: August 28, 2007

This year is the 20th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation – and we’re finally starting to see some attention getting paid to the TNG crew this year. First in the form of the complete series in one boxed set on DVD, and also – FINALLY – with a new regular schedule of books set in the TNG universe, that pick up the story after the last Trek feature film “Nemesis”.

There have been a few TNG related books set Post-Nemesis that have been published. At least two adventures of Captain William Riker in Star Trek: Titan, and one other book, TNG: Death In Winter, that – while a very important book for certain story reasons – was more of a personal story of Jean Luc Picard and Beverly Crusher than a full blown TNG adventure.

In Resistance, FINALLY (I say again) the Enterprise is back in the Heavens, and Captain Picard is attending to the duty of getting accustomed to a partially new crew, including a new Vulcan counselor named T’Lana. Everything is going well…until he begins to hear the song of the Borg…

This review is going to be spoiler free, because I really want those of you that have been eager for a new TNG adventure to pick this book up and enjoy every moment of it.

It feels like what Star Trek XI could be if the general public still cared about the TNG cast. The book picks you up and takes you on a well written, well thought out, journey that even has a few surprising twists. The new characters are likeable, and I was surprised by some of the things that happened to them in the book – particularly at the end. The old favorites like Worf, Beverly and Captain Picard shine in this novel…although Georgi sort of takes a back seat in the book.

There is a revelation about Starfleet and the Federation in the novel (something they’ve been doing for the past 10 years) that I found to be fascinating, and something that you would really expect of a large organization like the Federation. It was a twist that I loved, and it kept the book interesting and fresh.

Another thing that’s nice about the novels is that other characters can shine. Beverly is very much the hero of this story, in a way that studios would probably never allow in a feature, just because she’s not the “A list star”. Picard, as well, goes on an interesting journey that I’m not sure they would have allowed in a feature…but it makes for a fantastic read, and a very interesting continuation of the on-going Borg threat.

The only major problem I had with the book was Admiral Janeway’s disapproval of Picard’s initial plans. It made no sense to me why she wouldn’t at least let him investigate…and I still feel that way…but after reading the preview for the November TNG book release, “Before Dishonor” it became clear to me that that particular issue is a big part of the next book…and was most likely forced into this one to move that plot forward.

This is not the best book every written, or a novel that will change you life in any way – but it is a very good Star Trek TNG yarn, and if that’s what you’re looking for, you’ll be getting your money’s worth with “Resistance”.

Grade – A

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