Forever Geek Podcast: Episode 2

By Dave

Michael and I have gotten together again for another edition of the more or less weekly, Forever Geek Podcast. We are still looking for a new name for the podcast, so if you have any suggestions, please let us know.

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1:38 – Joost Announces $45 Million in Funding

  • Funding from Sequoia Capital, Index Ventures, CBS Corporation, Viacom and Chinese billionaire Li Ka-shing.
  • Michael is not sold on it and thinks there should be a Joost box like Apple’s iTV.
  • David is hoping it does well because of limitations in Canada and the rest of the world with watching stuff on broadcasters websites.
  • Michael wants broadcasting companies to create torrents for shows and Joost needs top level content like Heroes or Lost.

10:28 – Sony Could Post Biggest Loss in 4 Years on PlayStation 3 Consoles

  • Michael wants the PS3 to do well so Microsoft doesn’t go without competition.
  • David thinks Sony is too big for a loss with the PS3 isn’t a big deal. They should have been ready for a loss at the start.
  • Michael thinks that Blu-ray will make the PS3 be Sony’s Dreamcast. Also, since Sony never wins the format wars they’ll fail with Blu-ray as well. The price is also a downside, despite being one of the cheapest Blu-ray players.
  • Michael also states that with Wal-Mart and the adult film industry backing HD DVD, Blu-ray is doomed.
  • With losses like this, will there even be a PS4?

18:44 – NBC Orders up Second “Heroes” Series

  • David thinks that the big breaks are killing serial dramas.
  • Heroes: Origins will fill up time during the break next year, and each episode will concentrate on new heroes, and some will make it to the main Heroes series.
  • Michael loves the concept as it shows NBC taking active steps to help serial dramas do well.
  • Michael mentions the Jericho cancellation, which makes David sigh sadly as he really enjoyed the show.

26:40 – Drew from takes a look at season finales of Lost and Heroes.

  • Heroes – Predicts an explosion because Issac was always right. But who will explode?
  • Reminder that Peter can retain the abilities of those he absorbs the powers from. Drew doesn’t think this is a good idea, as it creates the ultimate superhero.
  • Lost – Drew and Michael were not impressed with the episode before the season finale. They want Charlie to die as it would have worked better for the episode.
  • Predicts that a Juliette will be caught in a lie, and is playing both ends against the middle. Locke is not dead. Jack flashback episode.

39:25 – Microsoft bans Xbox Live accounts with modded consoles

  • David thinks that Microsoft is being a little bit ridiculous for blocking people getting on Xbox Live.
  • Michael reminds everyone that Forever Geek and Bloggy Network don’t condone such things. If companies don’t make money due to theft, then there would be no good games.
  • David says that game companies are making millions of dollars on the games they create, and so it becomes hard to defend such companies.
  • Michael compares entertainment time. Movie theatre – 2 hours for $10, DVD – maybe 4 hours for $20. Game – 40 hours for $60.

44:25 – Apple releases faster Macbooks

  • Better processors, a gigabyte of RAM by default, and higher disk capacities.
  • David was worried about the increased cost with the Apple name, and that getting the specifications he wanted, was expensive on Apple’s site, but the new update takes care of all the upgrades he wanted and is converting by Episode 10.
  • Michael takes some time to talk about his love of Apple products and says that their will probably be a MacBook Pro hardware update coming sometime soon, maybe even at WWDC.

51:30 – Canada starts using Nintendo Wii consoles in hospitals

  • Both Michael and David think it makes a great fitness, rehab system for certain people, using certain games.
  • Michael says its a great tool for helping kids get some exercise in their day and bring people together.
  • Michael gives an example from his own life of the Wii bringing people together.

56:15 – Comic Book of the Week – Countdown #50

  • Michael says that Countdown is DC’s Lost, Heroes, Jericho. It touches the entire DC Universe.
  • David is a Marvel fan, and both hope that Marvel follows suit with something similar.
  • Michael knocks Marvel for not getting their issues out in a timely manner.

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