Forever Geek Podcast: Episode 3

By Dave

Another episode of the Forever Geek Podcast is ready, and for those of you that hate the name, we can use more ideas on what to change it to.

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1:20 – StarCraft 2 Announced

  • David was happy that they brought out StarCraft 2, but thinks WH40K: Dawn of War has already “done it”.
  • Interesting game play videos have already been released.
  • Michael impressed with the visuals, but he wanted a World of Starcraft and so did David.

5:40 – Mary Jane Statue Controversy

  • Women and news sources are getting all upset over a scene where Mary Jane is holding a piece of a Spiderman costume from a laundry pail.
  • Michael says that homeworkers are very important, and if MJ was washing clothing, there is nothing wrong with that. Also brings up the important point that everyone needs to share the load. Housework needs to be done, and those that can stay at home and do it are worth $160,000 USD a year.
  • The original idea of the statue has nothing to do with house work, it was from an important scene in Spiderman history.

13:02 – Dell’s Ubuntu Loaded PC’s Start Selling Today

  • Two Ubuntu desktops and a Ubuntu laptop are for sale, and are pretty average in specifications.
  • Both David and Michael are happy with the inclusion of Linux to Dell’s line. We knock Windows a bit, and Michael gives props to Apple.
  • Dell Ubuntu machine in Wal-Mart? David says yes, Michael is not so confident.

22:52 – Live Action He-Man movie announced

  • Michael’s daughter is into the He-Man Universe and if they hurt his daughter’s feelings, he will be upset.
  • Both hosts are not impressed with the direction they are taking with the franchise.
  • Michael says it should have been Conan meets Lord of the Rings, and David agrees as it would sell tickets.

29:32 – First Image of The Joker in the Dark Knight released

  • David doesn’t like the look. Enjoys Jack Nicholson’s version better.
  • Michael gives some cool information on the origin of Joker from the Killing Joke and wishes they’d use it for the movie.
  • David wants a grown up version of Batman, more like Batman begins, less like the older Batman movies and television shows.

37:35 – Comic Book of the Week: Countdown #49

  • Michael had a hard choice, as many great comic books came out all in the one week.
  • Michael is converting people into comic book readers like Drew from He has almost got David into buying them as well.
  • The per comic cost to get into Countdown is $2.99 an issue, but Michael says it is well worth it, even weekly.

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