Forever Geek Podcast: Episode 4

By Dave

Another episode of the Forever Geek Podcast is ready. We are coming at you a little delayed because David had to move into his new house and even better, he got a new microphone, the Samson Q1U and computer, MacBook Pro.

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2:35 – Transformers Clip: Optimus Prime vs Bonecrusher

  • Discussion of scale issues. Too much machine inside the cars. Past cartoons and whatnot had same issue.
  • Michael and David both loved the footage because you can feel the weight of the computer animated Transformers.

6:05 – Transformers Theme 2007

  • Michael hates it. David thinks it isn’t too bad, as a song, but it’s horrible as a Transformers song.
  • Linkin Park “wannabes” are horrible. Michael doesn’t even want to call it music. Nothing against Linkin Park though.
  • Michael says the lyrics make no sense. “Autobots” are not here to watch over us.

11:23 – Sony drops price of BDP-S300 Blu-ray Player – now cheaper than PS3

  • Technology prices fall, and that’s normal, but Sony is going to kill their own PS3 market.
  • European marketing says “cheapest blu-ray player” and will no longer be true.
  • David mentions the Totally Rad Show by Revision3.
  • BDP-S300 is a better Blu-ray player than the PS3.

22:52 – SimCity Societies

  • Don’t get excited about it because Will Wright, “Mr. SimCity” is working on Spore, which is basically a competing project.
  • Tilted Mill Entertainment is making the new SimCity game. The same people that made Caesar IV.
  • David and Michael are both probably going to buy Spore over SimCity.

23:12 – $199 Laptop

  • The specs include a seven inch display, loaded with Linux, ethernet, modem, wifi, 512mb RAM, 4,8,16 GB flash drive. Built-in webcam, microphone, stereo speakers. 4-cell battery that last three hours.
  • Michael is worried that this sounds way too good to be true. This could be “the” disposable laptop. Perfect for kids, and great presents for the important people in your life.
  • ForeverGeek would love some samples for field testing.
  • David worries that like the OLPC project, these machines will come out more expensive than originally assessed.
  • David mentions The First $20 Million, a great movie that creates a Hollywood version of a $100 PC.
  • Michael says the industry is worried about this shift towards disposable electronics but enjoys the idea of every kid at school being able to have one of these.

–Break for Apple Rant in regards to WWDC and Leopard–
You can always find your Apple news at

36:45 – Action Comics #850 (DC) – Comic Review (Marvel) – Comic Review

  • Superman’s origin and life as a guy alone in the world. It covers his past, present and future.
  • David mentions Martian Manhunter, and really needs to get back into comics and who has what powers.
  • Michael recommends it, and says pick it up. He says it is what Superman: Returns should have been.

41:25 – Comic Books of the Week: Silver Surfer Requiem #1 (Marvel) – Comic Review

  • Last book from the Marvel Knights series.
  • Concentrates on death. Silver Surfer is dying and dying in comics is stupid because it never sticks.
  • Another huge thumbs up from Michael on this comic thanks to J. Michael Straczynski.

45:10 – Black Summer #0 (Avatar) – Comic Review

  • Superhero book that does something that you haven’t ever seen a Superhero book do before.
  • This book proves that freedom of speech still exists in the USA
  • Michael says “don’t skip it!”

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