Four Geek Tips For Home Decor For The Star Wars Fan

With the recent release, and huge popularity, of Star Wars The Force Awakens, it makes sense that some geeks out there are going to want to show their love for this movie franchise, and show it by decorating their home to certain nerd specifications. What you may not know is that show homage to your favorite movie franchise or series is about more than just put some action figures on a shelf.

The movie memorabilia out there, new and old, can make for great home decor, and a little ingenuity can even give you some things that are one of a kind, especially if you are the crafty type of person. Here are some fun ideas that will help you capture the four decade long reign of this sci-fi franchise.

Got Some Old T-Shirts?


Everyone has their favorite old t-shirts that get worn out and faded and you don’t want to get rid of them, but you also can’t wear them anymore without looking like you’re homeless. Don’t throw them out, and don’t use them for rags. You can find another purpose for them.

Consider finding instructions for making a quilt with your old t-shirts, they can be found in many places on the internet. You could also make simple pillows with them. You just need a needle, some thread, and some pillow stuffing. Throw pillows make great decor on couches and chairs.

If you aren’t that thrifty or crafty, you could also simply cut the art off your shirt, evenly, and frame it to hang it on the wall. There’s no sewing necessary for this project, and you still get to that shirt you once loved.

Make A Home For Toys And Collectibles

If you are a collector, and you love Star Wars, you probably have a good collection of action figures and other memorabilia. Don’t just set them on a shelf, be more creative. One really creative idea is to get shadow boxes or them, open or glass fronted.

With the glass fronted type of shadow box you can print out background photos, or things like Tatooine, and then put action figures in front of them (attach with double-sided sticky tape or velcro). Open faced ones are good for just places random collectibles.

If you are one of those collectors that keeps all of their toys in the original boxes, you can simply tack the boxes to the wall, or line them on shelves.

Are You Artistic?

If you are the artistic type, and you own your own home, you could go super geek and paint a mural on your wall (or all of your walls) to pay homage to Star Wars. You could paint a scene from any of the planets from the films, or even a mural of the Millennium Falcon during warp speed. The sky’s the limit, literally.

Posters And More

Home decor styles change through the years, but art on the walls is always a popular part of decorating any room. Even if you don’t have some actual Star Wars themed paintings, you can frame posters you pick up, from the store or online.

If you are a huge fan, you may consider talking to your local theater about getting your hands on the giant movie poster when then get ready to take it down.

The Motherload of Star Wars Toys

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