Four Platforms to Nerd Up and Outsource Your Help

Everyone knows you can find everything on the internet. But even the word everything can be hard to fathom. Are we talking about finding good movies, bargains, or online games?

Not exactly. What do us nerds value most? Knowledge.


With knowledge you can get anywhere. The internet offers countless pages of never-ending information, a lot of junk that users are forced to scroll through to find exactly what they’re looking for, yet there is definitely plenty of gold to be found and many lessons to be learnt. Online learning may be the solution to students limited by distance or simply a curious mind with extra time.

About 70 percent of Chief Academic Officers believe online learning is critical to an institution’s long-term learning strategy. In fact, according to the BusinessInsider colleges should be worried about its potential competition as the quality of online courses are catching up quickly. However, we can all agree that the experience of an online course and face-to-face help in a classroom are two very different methods of learning.

But we’re not just talking about taking up an extra course here. We’re talking about learning a quick skill, gaining an extra talent and sometimes after reading pages of online babble, finding an actual person might be the solution.

Here are some of the best platforms and programs offering any type of help you might be in search of:

When looking to invest

Collective2 connects investors with top-performing traders. These traders aren’t necessarily your top notch professionals, but they’re the ones with the experience. Think of it all like an uber account. Instead of a car, you have money at stake. Point A is the money you have now, point B is the money you can hopefully gain later down the track, that is if all goes well. Investing is still a gamble. Through this online platform, you can choose a broker, choose your trade size and watch them do their magic, while keeping a close eye on everything that’s going on.

When looking to learn about anything and everything

There’s that word everything again. Zeqr is an online marketplace connecting skilled people from around the world with willing learners. The platform offers hundreds of subjects and experts, with skills in anything from wordpress and python 3, to pregnancy and motherhood, to physics and biology. Once at the right class, book in a time slot based on the expert’s availability. If the class you seek isn’t featured on Zeqr, it’s simple to request a class and Zeqr can do something about it.

When looking to learn about rapidly growing a business

Rokk3r Labs is a cobuilding platform that connects entrepreneurs with strategists, creatives and engineers to build and launch what they call exponential organizations. They use this name, because of the exponentially accelerating technologies in our global society. Things such as Artificial Intelligence, Drones, ICT, Biotechnology etc. As we know all too well, the power of technology is colossal. With advances such as these who knows what the future could hold. Rokk3r Labs wants to help cobuild companies that know how to take advantage of these rising exponential technologies and are set up to be exponential organizations. They have recently launched a Cobuild Course helping novice and seasoned entrepreneurs turn their ideas into companies. Entrepreneurs can apply functioning concepts to their ideas, eliminate potential risks and leave the course with a framework to success. 

When you need to learn how to take your venture to the next level 

While still speaking to those secretly geeky, fancy entrepreneurs, let’s try something different. Ironheart Corporate Advisory provides corporate strategies and operational services to growing companies. They do this through a 12 month, immersive program, Ironheart Performance Engineering, that will help companies generate greater return on investment for owners, investors and founders by strategically avoiding any shortcomings well before the company’s next major growth event.

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