We use the internet a lot. Affluent millennials are said to use the most time online with more than 7 hours a day. From catching up on our favourite tv shows, to running a business, to playing online games, to using social media, there’s plenty to do. As it happens, another statistic, according to a report by Common Sense Media, shows that teens in the United States can spend about nine hours using media for enjoyment alone.

Now we’re talking to you active internet users. In particular, those with a bit of online responsibility. Whether you own a business, own a website, keep a close eye on your social media channels or simply enjoying browsing through the internet, to keep up with all your online activity, you need to keep organised.

Here are four platforms to consider when you might be in need to an extra organizational hand to make your online life easier.

Four Ways To Organize Your Internet Life

Bookmark OS – Organizing Your Online Bookmarks

Do you like to keep bookmarks and tabs of your favourite webpages? If you’re an online bookmarking type of person, this can prove very useful. Anyone who has ever kept bookmarks in their browser knows how quickly things can get lost or become overly difficult to find. Bookmark OS uses Artificial Intelligence to organize, sort and browse all saved bookmarks like files on your desktop. Imagine a desktop for your own personal curated internet. You can save anything to this location from your files, notes, web page snippets, connect cloud-based apps like Google docs and discover content from other public folders. To help with your organizing, this visualized platform uses webpage screenshots as icons to provide a useful and aesthetic way to manage all your bookmarks. So with a simple scan over your Bookmark OS desktop, you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

ConvertLoop – Sending Targeted Automatic Messages To Users

If you’re a business founder, growth hacker and/or product manager, this might be what you’re after. Businesses need to communicate with their clients in the most effective and opportune way possible, yet at the same time avoid unnecessary repetition. ConvertLoop is a user engagement platform that is currently working on providing effective and personalised communication between company and customer, at scale. With cutting-edge technologies in the fields of behavior understanding and automation, this platform aims to provide a personal touch to communication between a company and their user and scale this appropriately. There is still the need to approach communication in a human way that understands the uniqueness of each user, yet save time for employees, clients and users to effectively get their message across.

Ranksense – SEO Optimization

For all those content producers or webpage owners, you know how important Search Engine Optimization really is. You also know how hard it can be when there’s a large number of pages to monitor. Now I’m specifically talking to internet masters in charge of e-commerce sites. RankSense is a Content Delivery Network is a machine-assisted platform to optimise SEO for e-commerce sites and increase their online traffic and revenue. It helps e-commerce companies increase search rankings, scale and accelerate technical implementations, create compelling search snippets, conduct SEO experiments and measure SEO ROI. Rather than manually auditing and implementing SEO practices on each of a site’s pages, this automation platform implements these strategies and indexes multiple pages in a fraction of the time. As most of these sites have a large number of pages, they require a strong integration engine to measure the SEO success.

Brand Bastion – Managing Social Media Interactions

Now we’re talking about those potential nine hours teens spend on social media. With so much social media consumption, if you own a social media channel, you need to always keep an eye out on what’s going on. BrandBastion is the solution for companies who need to protect their brand from social media risk and engagement practices. They offer protection on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and company forums and websites. The tool helps to prevent competitor promotions, piracy, spam and phishing attacks, ensuring brand reputation and intellectual property is maintained online 24/7. Ideally we’re talking to businesses in the gaming, entertainment, media, retail and luxury industries to help these companies identify and respond to consumer inquiries and identify profiles, pages, video and images infringing on clients online space. In fact they are so good, they have been recognized as a member of the Instagram Partner Program.  

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