Four Days To Save The Earth, well……sort of

It has now been four days since the announcement that Bob Harras has been appointed Editor-In-Chief at DC Comics, coming on the back of the news of DC’s major reorganisation and relocation to Burbank California and the closure of WildStorm. This is a position unoccupied since the departure of the great Jenette Kahn back in ’02, but not a title unfamiliar to Harras. Back in the 90’s, when Marvel was filing for bankruptcy, he was EiC at the House Of Ideas.?

This has pretty obviously generated mixed reaction (as all things comics tend to do). Obviously the anti-Didio camp is happy, yet people point out the troubles Marvel had. This writer feels that since Marvel was already in trouble when Harras came to the position, Harras really didn’t do all that bad. Surely the foil covers would have arrived anyway? I rather thought that DC wasn’t broken in the first place, so this may be good, if a little superfluous.

One thing that I didn’t realise however was that Harras was the writer of Breach.  Now this was a short series, eleven issues in total if I remember correctly and Breach seemed to meet an untimely end in the Infinite Crisis. (But then that’s a comics death, I’m not sure it counts. However, I still await the return of Aztek The Ultimate Man from his exploded four-dimensional state and I have not yet been satisfied.) If you have doubts of Mr Harras, pick this series up out of the back issue bins, and then judge him. It should paint him in a better light than any spectre of the speculation years could do. I would rather trust the judgement of his colleagues than those of the messagesboards any day.

And let’s face it, even if you are (like me) pro-Didio, change can be good, yes?

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