Four great things about Microsoft

Since yesterday I gave Vista a bit of bashing, I thought it would only be fair to refer to an article that brings out some of the best aspects that the company has.

  • Microsoft helped shape the Information Age – Yes, IBM and Gary Kildall’s work played a big factor, but it was really Microsoft that helped bring computing to the everyday user.
  • Microsoft Supports Their Products – Some may laugh, but how many companies out there continue to provide free updates to their products many years after the release date?
  • Microsoft Makes Computing Easy – Microsoft really hit the mark when they created the concept of ‘Wizards’ to guide users through their programs. The company saw that most people did not have the patience of computer programmers and that they needed to be led by the hand to accomplish simple tasks.
  • Microsoft Is Philanthropic – Sure, a lot of it is your typical corporate PR, but that still does not diminish the quality donations made to learning institutions and non-profit organizations.

With this said, it’s safe to assume that if it weren’t for Microsoft, I wouldn’t be writing this article right now. And despite having an interface that is criticized by Mac fans, the people who create the Linux’ graphical interfaces base their menus and overall look to Windows’, and not Mac OS X.

Whether you love or hate it, Microsoft helped in making technology affordable for everyone (for example, an Apple Lisa in 1978 cost almost $10000) and today we can get portable computers of all brands for less than a 10th of that.

Here at ForeverGeek we try to be objective but obviously all of our articles will always have a notch of our personal opinions. If it weren’t for those opinions we wouldn’t be a blog, but instead just an online tech journal.

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