Free Games That Are Keeping People From Living in the Real World

Not that I am against the whole thing – iOS games, people not living in the real world, calculating the time it will take to train x number of soldiers so they’re ready when you wake up, and so on. It’s just that I suddenly, just recently (which is weird) realized that there are some games that have really gotten people in – hook, line, and sinker; and probably even more if that’s possible.

You may have a particular game in mind right now, especially if you are spending most of your waking hours (and supposedly sleeping hours) playing that game, but here are some free games this year (so far) that are truly amazing as to how popular they have become.

Free games that will make you forget real life

Clash of Clans

I suppose it is no surprise that Clash of Clans is the first game on the list. It seems everyone is playing it, with real-life clans banding together online to go to war. You see Clash of Clans posts all over Facebook, and it is amazing how it brings out passion, strategic thinking, and cooperation among clans. I suppose that the game taps into the primal instincts of surviving and dominating as a group. And that makes players come together online for longer than they spend time together in real life.

Truth be told, my own extended family has been very active in this game, creating a dedicated Facebook chat for strategy, tips, and making sure their clan stays on top. And as a testament to how the game is making them forget real life, I heard our grandmother say the other day that the kids have been staying up too late and forgetting homework. Tsk, tsk?

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Game of War – Fire Age

Game of War – Fire Age is very similar to Clash of Clans, and I have also seen just how much it can make people forget the real world first hand. This online global game unites people from all walks of life, giving them the chance to create alliances and climb their way up to the top of the kingdom. Just like with similar games, Game of War brings out the best and worst in people, with the strategists usually getting the better end of the deal. Politics also come into play – a lot. It’s basically a mirror of the real world, except that you get to kill monsters and all that exciting stuff.

It’s amazing how people can spend hours on end talking about the game, their allies, irritating people in the chat room, how long it will take to get to the next level, and how much resources they need. (Well, not really, as I can relate.) What is truly interesting is how players share their jobs and that they are playing while on the job…

Another anecdote: I have been invited to play and join a rather strong alliance several times, and it has taken all my willpower to say no, simply because I know I will get addicted to it just like all the other players. It’s not like I don’t have a game that takes up all my spare time as it is…

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Injustice: Gods Among Us

…and that brings us to the game that always gets mentioned (lately) when I write about games: Injustice: Gods Among Us. What’s a better way to forget real life than pit superhero against superhero, all the while leveling them up so that they get stronger and stronger?

As if that weren’t enough, the developers had to make the game more challenging by adding online battles, gear (that adds special powers to your heroes), upping the ante, and making challenges and online battles more difficult.

I’m not competitive (that’s a lie) at all, but I just can’t bear to be in the lower percentile of the online players. So yeah, I pretty much work, play the game, and sometimes go to the grocery store for food. ;)

Get Injustice: Gods Among Us for iOS.
Get Injustice: Gods Among Us for Android.

I am not sure if the part of the success of these games is the fact that they’re free, but if you look at the charts of top grossing apps, these free games do rather well. Free games they may be, but they have in-app purchases that people actually spend real money for.

Do you play any of these games? Why do you think they’re so addictive?

Games, games, games:

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