10 Best Free Online Battle Royale Games to Play During the Holidays

It’s Saturday night, you’re having a little R&R at home, then a loud profanity in the house disturbs you. It’s your child/sibling/spouse/parent in front of a PC or console cursing at someone online for “killing” them with a cheap ambush tactic in a game titled “Fortnite” or “PUBG.” Confounded by their outburst, you thought to give it a try. Suddenly, all those years of repressed rage and hatred get released upon your first online kill.

Pretty soon you’re nearly winning and making it to the top 10 out of 100 real players in 30-minute matches, there’s no turning back, you’re hooked now. You have to be the number 1, at least only once. Welcome to the world of battle royale, or better yet, free online battle royale games.

Anyone who has watched or read Hunger Games will know a group of people trying to murder one another to be the last one standing is a heck of a lot of fun, though it is scary in real life. So when video games finally adopted that large-scale high-risk, high-reward deathmatch, people found their calling. That is, to pawn 99 other newbs and be the king of the hill, there’s no other feeling that gives you that same level of badassery in gaming. It’s not often you get to win against nearly a hundred opponents and feel like this in entertainment:

Now the good news is that you’ve got plenty of time for that since it’s the holiday season. The bad news is (well, not really that bad), there are tons of them, some are upcoming battle royal games, some are even free battle royale games. So we made an educated list for you guys to save your precious holiday time. Here are the top free online battle royale games you ought to try out. Just click the orange names of the games to go to their official installation websites:

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile

Pretty much the same one as the paid version on the PC, Xbox One, and PS4. This one is free for the mobile, however, because it was made by China. Nevertheless, it has the same maps, same guns, same controls, same format, same chicken dinner but for your phones. You can still play it on your PC or laptop with a neat emulator, albeit with clunkier controls and poorer graphics.

Fortnite: Battle Royale

The undisputed king of battle royale right now, not just free online battle royale games. Being a free game, however, Fortnite does make some sacrifices, especially to its graphics which is not as detailed or as demanding as PUBG on PC. The irony is that it was PUBG which was the most popular battle royale game last year until Fortnite caught up and switched places with it. Nevertheless, it is considered to be more fun than PUBG because of the smaller map and more frequent action as a result. It can be picked up by casual gamers and pros alike. If you want to rule the game, check out these Fortnite tips and tricks.

The Culling: Origins

The problem with games like PUBG and Fortnite is that they readily give players the tools they need to win and in spades too. Whatever happened to being resourceful with your weapons? The Culling is what that is all about; crafting your weapons and crude traps to compensate for the lack of ammunition or guns. This makes situations more tense than usual, basically Hunger Games minus the hunger and the teen romance.

Realm Royale

Fortnite has that one annoying skill ceiling with its building mechanic which can get bothersome if you just want to run and gun. So Realm Royale has done away with the building and is pretty much Fortnite in a fantasy setting. This means players can focus on running and gunning. Yes, gunning. Despite the fantasy setting, there are still firearms in this free online battle royale games. The best part is that there are horses in this game and getting shot turns you into a chicken!

Ring of Elysium

Ring of Elysium is PUBG with extreme sports as it is set in a frigid landscape with dangerous terrain. It does add its own twist in the battle royale genre where it has additional mechanics that can add up to the tension and hectic gunfights. Of course, it is also free to play and is actually developed by the Chinese developers of PUBG Mobile, but this one is for PC only.

Darwin Project

Games like PUBG and Fortnite can get rather empty because of the large maps. Running around for dozens of minutes without an encounter only to be shot in the back randomly can be frustrating. So Darwin Project did away with the huge scale and made the maps small enough for 10 players with a grim ice age twist.


Ever wanted to experience the realism of PUBG but don’t want the mobile version? Apart from the paid PUBG on PC and consoles, you can give H1Z1 a try, which was also partly developed by the creator of PUBG himself, Brendan “PlayerUknown” Greene.” Yes, it is free and has a serious theme like PUBG but more accessible without the casual cartoonish vibe and feel of Fortnite.

Battle royale games can be rather addicting regardless of whether you win or lose. You might even end up thinking about it during work. is the perfect solution for when you need your battle royale fix (even at work). Don’t expect much in terms of graphics, though. Since it is browser-based, the players are pretty much just circles and you see everything on a top-down perspective. It has the same formula and idea though; 100 players, last man standing.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), (Danger Zone)

One of the latest existing games to adopt battle royale. CS: GO actually existed way before the battle royale genre as one of the best tactical squad-based first-person shooters. With the introduction of a new CS: GO mode called Danger Zone (basically its battle royale mode), the game also went full free-to-play just recently, so apart from battle royale, you also get the base game.

Cuisine Royale

Because the battle royale genre is now so saturated with initially non-battle royale games adopting the mode, it has become somewhat of a running joke that all games now need battle royale modes to sell. So the developers of Cuisine Royale did the obvious next move, they turned a joke into a battle royale game. This is battle royale but without the stress and with food, lots of food. Don’t ask how it works, just try it, it’s free. Enjoy your holiday!

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