Free iPods on Wired

Nice article on Wired News about and why it's legit


Have you tried to get a free ipod yet? We have a great writeup here, already, but some people are really convinced it’s a scam… perhaps this Wired article will help change your minds.

Some choice quotes:

For the last four years, Gratis Internet has operated customer-acquisition programs through,, and (they left out –JC)

The company has sent out more than $3 million worth of free merchandise, Martin said, including 5 million to 6 million condoms.

“The money we give these guys (Gratis Internet) is enough to fulfill the promise that the customers come in for,” Canoso (of Adteractive, the middle-man company between Gratis and their advertisors –JC) said.

Canoso said while $90 seems like a lot, it is peanuts compared to the millions spent on TV and magazine ads, which don’t guarantee new customers.

“Companies like Columbia House (and) credit card companies, they’re happy to pay for customers,” Canoso said. “They’re happy to send out iPods because they’re getting customers in return. Capture is expensive, and they’re paying after they’ve acquired the customer.”

In other news, my free ipod shipped today… I’ll probably have Scrivs post pics in his thread when it comes in. :-)“continue reading” for photos.

Actually, I’m feeling pretty lazy, so I’ll pop one thumbnail in here… click it for a page with all the images dumped into a table. FWIW, I like the click wheel alot better than I expected, but I’m still not sure if I’ll make this my primary one and do something else with my 3g 15 gig.

Anyway, there you go, a bit more proof it’s legit. Have fun… Hope you all get yours soon. Vive la iPod!

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