Freeze Dried Blood

Unfortunately, there’s no picture for this one, but this could well be one of the biggest scientific breakthroughs in a long time.  If you’ve ever suffered a cut, there are a number of events that occur to promote the wound healing – most notably the coagulation cascade.  This, put in its simplest, traps small platelets in the blood, which in turn go on to form a clot.

These platelets then also release growth factors, instructing a new layer of skin to regrow at the site of the injury in order to stitch the wound back together.  Fern Tablin, of the University of California, has come forward to propose that blood platelets can be frozen in order to promote wound healing in the injured, as well as gaining access to this elusive ‘growth factor’.

The technique put forward by Professor Talbin involves removing platelets from plasma (in the blood) and then adding them to a polymer.  This would then be combined with a sugar before being frozen.  This would then form a powder that could be applied directly to a wound, added to bandages or wound dressings and then stimulation of healing should occur.

When the military see this, I’ve no doubt that they’ll be champing at the bit in order to have access to the patent.  I really hope that it will work into to ER departments very soon though.  Imagine being the victim of some sort of horrible accident but coming round and healing much faster than normal thanks to this miracle platelet formula.  Professor Talbin, I really hope that your good work pays off very soon.

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