Friends replaced Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) twice during two separate episodes of the beloved sitcom but many fans didn’t even notice the mishaps.

The popular and beloved sitcom follows six friends – Rachel, Monica, Joey, Chandler, Ross, and Phoebe – and their lives and careers in New York City. Unbeknownst to many viewers, the show used a double for Jennifer Aniston in two scenes, and videos with the blunders have resurfaced on the internet.

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Friends replaced Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) in a scene

Friends replaced Jennifer Aniston’s character Rachel in one episode and many fans have only just realised the huge blunder caught on camera.

In season nine episode 15, titled The One With The Mugging, Rachel comes into Monica’s apartment to tell Joey that he landed an audition with the famous actor Leonard Hayes (played by Jeff Goldblum).

“Don’t make me more nervous than I already am!” Joey tells them and sits down at the table.

In this exact moment, Rachel is partly seen behind Joey but it’s not Jennifer Aniston who’s there – it’s an entirely different actress and fans had no idea about it.

One fan shared an interesting tidbit about that particular scene and explained: “That’s because it’s only on HD remastered version, they never intended her to be on the frame.”

“Same reason why sometimes a character says something and when they show the reaction with the other character,” added the same fan. Have a look at the blunder with Rachel below:

Friends swapped Rachel in another episode

While the blunder was originally shared on Twitter back in 2015, many fans have left other interesting tidbits and blunders about the much-loved show in the comment section.

And it turns out that there’s another scene in the show that featured a stunt double for Rachel thanks to eagle-eyed fans who love to uncover small details and mishaps.

In season nine episode four, titled The One with the Sharks, Rachel is seen in a floral top with curly hair as she discusses something with Monica when Joey walks into the apartment.

As Joey sits down, the camera shows part of Rachel’s hair. However, it’s an entirely different woman with straight hair and a different shirt. Watch the second blunder with Rachel below:

Fans gobsmacked at the blunders with Rachel

While eagle-eyed viewers spent a lot of time searching for mishaps in their favorite shows, others were gobsmacked that they haven’t noticed the major blunders with Rachel for years.

“Who would have thought that Friends needed stunt doubles!” one baffled fan wrote in the comments. Another said: “I feel like I was fooled by Friends.”

Someone else commented: “I’m re-watching this right now on the original DVD release and it’s not nearly as noticeable, almost imperceptible. I’m wondering if this fake Rachel shows up in the wide-screen BluRay more clearly.”

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