Full Metal Alchemist 48: Farewell

Summary: We find out the plans of Mustang and Armstrong. The Fake Elric Brothers make a return along with Sensei and Frank Archer. Someone decides to go after the Fuhrer.

Armstrong and Mustang’s Army is in the north preparing to go to war with the rebel encampment. Soldiers are growing distrustful of the army’s plan, which seems a bit odd since they have followed every order throughout the series without a complaint.

We see Armstrong meeting with Mustang and he suggests using a dispersed battle formation to help keep casualties to a minimum. Again something seems odd because the Ishbal people have never put up a challenge and this goes against the plans of the Fuhrer who needs everyone together in a group to create another Philosopher’s Stone.

Next we see Armstrong meeting with the officers in the army and he tells them they will return to Central and takeover the headquarters. The officers wonder why they should oppose the Fuhrer and take over the capitol. In response Armstrong does his “touch my muscles” routine.

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Now all the odd behavior of the army makes sense. From previous episodes we were aware of the fact that Armstrong and Mustang knew the Fuhrer was a Homunculus and was simply using them like puppets, but we were never sure what plan of action they would take.

Sensei Returns

We return to Wrath still connected to Sloth who is evaporating due to Edward turning her into ethanol. Another one of those times where Ed’s knowledge of chemistry proves to be his trump card in battle. She evaporates and now we are left with four Homunuli.

Sloth begins to speak like Ed and Al’s mother and tell Ed he has done well. Winry watches with a smile.

Wrath cries out at the death of his “mommy” and Ed quickly realizes that Winry is really Envy. Envy takes Al and says he will take him back to Dante. Wrath grabs a hold of Envy and pleads for them to keep Al there so he can bring back “mommy”.

Sensei returns. Wrath runs away.

Ed wonders why Wrath could cry about the loss of Sloth, but he couldn’t since she was his mother in the past. Sensei simply tells him that she is there because she figures she could be of some help. We quickly find out how true this is.

The Fake Elrics

The fake Elric brothers (Russell and Fletcher Tringham) make a return. The older one is looking at books in a Central bookstore and wants to take them on credit, but they only sell to Nationally Certified Alchemists. He does his “I am the Full Metal Alchemist” routine again and finds out that it backfires. They are both captured and placed in jail as the soliders have been directed to capture the Elric brothers on sight.

Time to go after King Bradley

Sensei and Ed go back to where Lust was destroyed to only find her necklace. Tucker comes out with Nina and tells Nina to say hi. He is delirious. Ed realizes that Tucker’s fate is to live with the “soulless doll” for the rest of his life due to the sins he has committed. Sensei recognizes that he has now become an adult.

Ed decides to go after the Fuhrer, King Bradley.

The Trick Rebellion

Armstrong and Mustang’s troops are surrounded and we find out that this rebellion was only meant to draw Central’s troops away from the Capitol. Mustang has replaced Colonel Havok and is now in Central.

The Fuhrer knew that if he gave them enough troops that Armstrong and Mustang would rebel. He only promoted Mustang to make it look like he trusted him. This leaves us to wonder who is one step ahead?

The Fuhrer finds out that the “Elric brothers” have been captured and orders that the they be disposed of. We see Liutenant Ross walking to their cell and you can guess that their lives will be spared.

In a bar we find Mustang meeting with the architect that built the Fuhrer’s house. They discuss the unusual design of the house.


Sensei and Edward are where the Fuhrer is supposed to be. Ross saves them along with the Fake Elrics. They give Ed a part of their Father’s diary who wrote it while he was in Central. Ed is surprised to see what is inside. Suddenly Frank Archer breaks down the walls and is half robot (automail).

Mustang is outside of headquarters and Ed jumps in front of car. We find out that Mustang wants revenge for Hughes’ death and Ed wonders why he would throw everything away for that. A deep conversation ensues.

Once the conversation is over Ed decides not to go with Mustang to battle the Fuhrer even after he decided he was going to see him. What are his plans? What was inside that diary entry? Ed and Mustang depart with a farewell and you get the sense this is the last time they will see each other.


Another great episode that is used to begin the final moves to a conclusion I am sure we are all waiting for. The leading question in my mind is who is going to die and where is Edward going? Seems logical to stay with Mustang, but again he goes against what I have in mind and takes his own path. Also hope to see that Sensei is okay.

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