Getting a tattoo is one of the many great and versatile ways to express yourself. There are different reasons why people get tattoos. Some may want to commemorate a special moment or person in their lives. Some may also want to remember a particular quote or word. Others want to get something to symbolize a belief, while others just want to get something fun and cool. Ultimately, tattoos are a public display of one’s own personality and style.

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So if you’re into anime and tattoos, and want to express your love for a particular character or franchise, you have come to the right page. Here are some anime tattoo ideas for your next (or first) tattoo!


Pokemon Anime Tattoo Ideas
Charmander Anime Tattoo

If you’re a Pokemon fan, there is a vast collection of Pokemon characters that you can get for a tattoo. You can opt for your favorite character like these colored detective Pikachu or Charmander tattoo designs. This type of tattoo is great for first timers and those who want something young, cute, and fun.

Sleeve Anime Tattoo Design

If you want something bolder and attention-seeking, this Pokemon tattoo sleeve is perfect for you. This is much more symbolic of the franchise as it shows the evolution of a specific Pokemon. This one in particular shows Bulbasaur’s evolution to Ivysaur, and then to Venusaur. This is one of the fun anime tattoo ideas to really show your love for Pokemon!

Pokemon Tattoo Design

Another cool tattoo sleeve design is this Pokemon collage which features the OG characters Ash, Charizard, Squirtle and Pikachu. If you can’t decide on just one character (because there’s just too many to choose!), getting a bunch of characters is also a good idea.

B&W Sleeve

These black and white tattoos give an edgier look to your tattoos and give off a more serious and washed down vibe. These are perfect for minimalists and those who after a more serious look.


Another popular anime series you’d probably want to get a tattoo of is Naruto. This franchise is a definite favorite among anime and manga fans. Fans will surely appreciate these tattoos since anime is a form of Japanese art, and tattoo in many ways is an art form.

Naruto Anime Tattoo Ideas

You can go for the usual Naruto character tattoo wearing his ninja attire. A colored tattoo of the protagonist with blood is also a popular choice. However, the best choice would be him in an action sequence.

Arm Tattoo

This forearm Naruto tattoo is also a cool one because it merges the character with his alter ego. This anime tattoo design idea is great for those who love a bit more symbolism and meaning in their tattoo.

The eye of Naruto is also a great and inspiring tattoo design. If the tattoo artist can give justice to the rage of Naruto, fans will definitely appreciate seeing and even getting this tattoo!

Naruto Line Tattoo

Take your tattoo design to the next level with this epic line tattoo. Its intricate details captures the essence of Naruto and is a great minimalist way of showing your love for the anime.

Sailor Moon

One of the oldest and most iconic manga and anime franchises is Sailor Moon which many of us grew up with. It would be cool to get a tattoo of this anime for that throwback nostalgic feel. With millions of fans everywhere, hardcore fans will be able to spot these Sailor Moon tattoo designs.

Sailor Moon Tattoo

This Millenium crystal tattoo is shaped like a lotus flower which is also a popular tattoo design. This is perfect for those who want a subtle Sailor Moon tattoo since at first glance, it looks like an ordinary flower. Only real fans of the anime will be able to spot the reference.

Now, who doesn’t love Luna the enchanted black cat? This is one of the beloved Sailor Moon characters who helps and remains loyal to Sailor Moon throughout the series.

Sailor Moon Tattoo

Of course, the most popular tattoo of all is a Sailor Moon tattoo. This forearm tattoo design even includes Luna. If you want to be more of a rebel, you can also go for the other lovely characters from the anime such as the hot and fiery Sailor Venus, the beautiful Sailor Venus, the mysterious Sailor Saturn, the strong Sailor Neptune, or the tough Sailor Uranus.

Sailor Mars
Sailor Venus Tattoo

Other symbolic anime tattoo design ideas include the Sailor Moon wand tattoo which also isn’t as in your face as a character tattoo.

One Piece

One Piece Tattoo

One Piece is probably one of the biggest manga series ever made, so picking the right tattoo design for it can be tricky. This gorgeous One Piece forearm tattoo is an awesome choice.

These line tattoos are beautiful designs for those who want a more sophisticated tattoo design of Monkey D. Luffy.

Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z Tattoo Design

This Dragon Ball Z fusion tattoo design is a fun tattoo to get with a buddy or fellow anime fan. You can also get this on each arm if you’re a super fan yourself. This cool design features Vegeta and Goku on each arm doing their fusion dance.

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