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Funny & Emotional Lines from Avengers: Endgame

Marvel’s “Avengers: Endgame” is the sequel to 2018’s “Avengers: Infinity War” and follows the adventure of the remaining heroes who seek to undo Thanos’ Infinity gauntlet snap that had wiped out half the universe from existence. The movie is a roller coaster of despair and laughter in almost equal measure, ensuring fans were reeling in their seats from start to finish. We’ve put together a compilation of those memorable lines that Marvel fans will remember for a long time to come as we take you on a journey through one of the greatest superhero movies of all time. Take a look:

I am Iron Man

In the aftermath of a huge scare when Thanos almost redoes the snap after a reverse-snap by Hulk, the infinity stones finally rest in the possession of Tony Stark after a mammoth clash at the Avenger’s headquarters. He utters those four words as he wishes away all of the Mad Titan’s invading force paying the ultimate price in the process.

Hardcore fans will remember that exact line from 11 years ago with Tony’s and the MCU’s very first film “Iron Man” that would kick start the adventure of an enormous crossover franchise. It was only fitting, and cry-yourself-to-sleep heartbreaking, that his last words were those four.


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Avengers Assemble

If you’ve been keen with the Avengers trilogy, so far, they’ve all ended just as Captain America said the first word of the iconic comic book phrase “Avengers Assemble!”. He never gets to say the second. The super soldier finally does when all the ‘vanished heroes’ reappear at the fight scene outside Avenger’s new HQ right at a time when Cap was ready to take on Thanos plus literally an army numbering thousands! That line best typifies what fans felt during Thor’s timely- and thunderously magnificent- entry at Wakanda: a sense of overwhelming triumph and relief.

I can do this all day

When Captain America squares up against his past self in pursuit of the Tesseract, otherwise known as the space stone, his old self believes his future version is an impersonation by the shape-shifting “god of mischief” Loki. As the two are locked in a heated fight out, his old self says “I can do this all day” to which Captain America replies, “I know, I know”. This is in reference to Cap’s familiarity with his own never-say-die attitude and it’s quite humorous for him to be on the receiving end of it!

Part of the journey is the end

Iron man is stranded in space with Nebula after the events of “Infinity War” with his ship and suit in ruins. There is no means of getting home and supplies running low, Tony records one final message for his fiance Pepper Potts tearfully describing how he’ll not be able to be home as promised. This scene was so emotional- and was in the movie’s trailer- that it had fans across the US begging NASA to come to Tony’s rescue weeks before the movie’s release.

I knew it!

Captain America lifting Mjolnir was arguably the most cheered moment in “Endgame” and this line is more about the scene itself and what it means. Thor says he knew Steve could do it is in reference to the first Avengers movie when all the heroes were found unworthy by Mjolnir hence could not lift it. Cap made Thor sweat a little when it was his turn- you might have noticed the hammer slightly quiver- with that line insinuating that Steve Rodgers had been always worthy but decided against picking up the hammer. And it came just in time as Thanos was about to carve Thor in half with Stormbreaker!


Rocket Raccoon has always been a comical character throughout his time in the MCU and he’s responsible for a few giggles in “Endgame” as well. Case in point is during the scene where Professor Hulk and Iron Man are creating their own version of the Infinity gauntlet using Tony’s nanotechnology. As they finally complete assembling the stones, the heroes watch on curiously in hopes that nothing goes wrong when Rocket startles everyone with a loud “Boom!”. Both men were understandably not amused, but those on the other ends of the screen were probably muttering “classic Rocket” with suppressed giggles.

That’s America’s Ass!

Cinema rooms were up in laughter at that line when Steve Roger finally bests his past self in hand-to-hand combat. He takes a look at his posterior with Old Cap lying on the floor, commenting that it is indeed America’s ass- to mean it’s quite lovely- as hilariously pointed out by Ant-man before.

You can relive more of Cap’s and our other heroes’ funny and emotional moments via some of the best free movies and tv shows apps without cable subscription available across the interweb. With months to go before “Avengers Endgame” releases on DVD and Blu-ray, these apps are sure to come in handy. From Ant-man’s hilarious scene with war-machine to Wanda’s rage-fueled revenge on Thanos, you can go back in time for a second viewing because once is never enough for an awesome movie such as this.

“Avengers Endgame” had a lot of funny and emotional moments and we would expect nothing less of the phase-ending title that would see some of our favorite heroes meet their end. These are only but a tip of the iceberg,  so remember to make time to watch it again!

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