Funny Code

I won’t say much about these other than some of them are downright hilarious.

I’ve seen things like this in my past programming days and I’m probably guilty of one or two myself. When you’ve been up all night coding, sometimes your brain just doesn’t work right.

There’s probably even been a time or two when I forgot to remove my debugging code for production and ended up with strange variables and output that shouldn’t be seen by an end user. Oops.

I didn’t read through every one of them, but from the ones I did, this is my favorite:

Once I had a junior programmer writing VB code that needed to know the day of the week. He decided to write his own code, and read something like:

 if (day = 1) or (day = 8) or (day = 15) or 
(day = 22) or (day = 29) then weekday = "Monday"
elseif (day = 2) or (day = 9) or (day = 16) or
(day = 23) or (day = 30) then weekday = "Tuesday" ...

Trying to be educational I asked him for his opinion about his own code, and he said that he would simply modify it every month.

— PedroChan

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