The fans knew the day would come once more, they just never knew when. Think back on the year 2013… audiences tuned into the conclusion of Futurama season 7, knowing deep down that this couldn’t truly be it.

That being said, Meanwhile offered a genuinely beautiful and fantastic end to Futurama, with it already having been announced that the series was canceled. Of course, cancelation was nothing new for the fandom, they’d been through it once before at the end of season 4. This meant that, for some, the mentality was ‘it’s survived it once, it can survive it twice.’

John Dimaggio as Bender holding a bent pole in front of wall in Futurama
Futurama episode 001 cr. Disney+ media player

As it now turns out, that’s absolutely true. It was announced in 2022 that Hulu was reviving the series for another season.

It’s scheduled to be premiering on Hulu on Monday, July 24th 2023, with Disney+ offering it in territories like the UK where Hulu is unavailable. Although it’s been an entire decade since Matt Groening’s animated sci-fi sitcom has graced our screens, producer Claudia Katz was recently asked during an interview with Animation Magazine why it’s not fallen out of favor with viewers after all this time.

“We have never been able to outstay our welcome!” she announced, offering an insightful explanation.

“We always kind of have these comebacks before anyone can get sick of us. But more than anything, it is because of the quality of the writing and the likeability of the characters. These are characters who really are there for each even though they’re sort of a very hodgepodge group. Even Bender has his moments of thoughtfulness.”

She extended to note that “The show is not just a joke delivery system — you can really buy into these characters, and you’re invested in their relationships. The sci-fi aspect of the show also allows us to go anywhere. It lends itself to a very open sort of storytelling.”

The confidence invested in Futurama isn’t misplaced, and as Claudia captures, the genre it’s in really means that they can go anywhere, invent any new lands or planets to explore.

Contemplating the reaction to the recently unveiled trailer, certain fans are suggesting that Futurama will be more political and fuelled by social commentary than ever before, with episodes teasing topics inspired by NFTs and COVID-19, among other things.

After 10 years away, we suspect that the Futurama writers’ team has been saving up so much material and ideas over the years, so much that it’s really hard to imagine the plug being pulled again anytime soon.

Even if it is axed after season 8 arrives at its finale, in another decade we’re sure we’ll see it rise again. Again, with the producers still knowing exactly why fans love Futurama, we’re sure to be in for a treat.

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