A Look at the Future of AI in Gaming, Design and Branding

By Zac

How will AI change the future of gaming, design, and branding? That is a loaded question because there are so many things that have already been altered by the advent of AI and design. The tools that have been used in the past certainly already had elements of artificial intelligence, but the need for speed, automation, and human characteristics elements have driven the industry to new extremes.

One example of this evolution is HTC Vive. This is one of the hottest virtual reality systems on the market today. It comes with a fully immersive headset and lots of virtual reality tools to get started, plus a full virtual reality experience that will provide hours of entertainment.

The 360-degree virtual controllers are designed specifically for the gaming and virtual reality experience. The creators of HTC Vive also had as one of their priorities to make the virtual reality experience safer for the end users. There’s a front-facing camera that gives the user an ability to see what is happening in the real world and you never have to take off the headset.

This is just one example of the trends in virtual reality gaming. has others you can read about on their blog. You’ll find that the rules are always changing when it comes to creating and maintaining the new virtual reality and AI environments in the gaming world.

AI and Design – The Progressive Movement for All Brands

How has AI changed the future of the design industry? Within the gaming industry, we already see many changes in the graphics, tools, and environments of the design world. For example, if you look at what is happening with minimalist design trends, you’ll see the vast majority of minimalist sites are very “AI-friendly.” In other words, they are created to give the user an easy experience and to allow the owner of the website to “guide” the customer along with his journey.

This gives more control to the site owner when trying to create an effective marketing channel. With the technology that smart AI gives you within the minimalist environment, you can guide the customer every step of the way to your landing or sales page. This way, you will be able to have them do exactly what you want them to do, which results in higher leads generation and sales conversions.

When it comes to machine learning and AI — it’s all about the concept of providing the best value possible, while simplifying the needs of a business, service, or even the end user. For example, Baidu is currently using machine learning to automate the process of making phone calls with ‘real’, yet AI-powered conversations. You can see more examples of this type of technology being used here.

This type of AI-technology isn’t just happening in the world of business services and machine learning either, it’s also happening in more simple and direct forms as well. For example, Designhill has been working on a new technology to cater to both their audience and brands looking to build their online identity. With so many sites on the internet focused on the concept of online gaming, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to have a professional logo for your site. Through the use of their artificial intelligence-based logo maker, this can be accomplished in just minutes, while also requiring zero design skills in the process. This site (and others) allows you to create a logo design quickly and easily using the smart AI technology they already have on their site. What’s different about this solution is that not only is it completely automated, it’s also powered with AI-technology and will generate an unlimited supply of concepts and logo designs to choose from.

By inputting your company name, selecting different colors, and other elements, you can create a professional logo fast using only electronic technology components. This is valuable to business owners as well as gamers and designers because of the way it automatically creates the vision that the person has for their project. It’s kind of like taking the driver’s seat in a project without having to do the hard work.

This is just one of the most simple forms of how an everyday gaming blogger can start using AI for their own blogging or professional use. To see an example of how some of the top gaming blogs are using their logo designs and branding to create a following online, you can follow this review of the Playstation gaming blog. Notice how each section of the site not only takes advantage of the Playstation logo, but also the well-known buttons and branding from previous systems like the PS4, PS3, Vita, and PSN. It’s also no surprise that Playstation is actively making their way into the AI-space as well.

There are some downsides to using this type of technology. For example, you may not be able to create a unique design. If you can go to the site and create your logo, others can do it too. This means that the AI technology, though convenient, may prevent you from being able to create a truly unique design that is only possible with a professional logo design company.

Still, the convenience and accessibility of this sort of system can save time and money and help business owners create what they need fast at a minimal cost. This is hard to beat when it comes to managing your time as a business owner, so it is something that many business owners want to look into on some level.

Design options will continue to improve in other ways due to AI and automation technology in the future including smart drawing tools, AutoCAD improvements, and much more.

Look for changes within software that you already use such as AutoCAD (mentioned above). This is one way that AI technology is infiltrating and changing the capabilities of design and creative project rendering.

The Automation Component and Big Names Powering It

AI does not stand alone. It is encircled by a wide variety of other technologies that are inherent in the technology itself. For example, automation alone is a primary reason that people cling to AI technologies. There is already a great deal of AI technology online on websites such as Amazon, Google, and countless others. The very fact that you can have an automatic shopping assistant pop up to help you at a moment’s notice or have something ordered and delivered without doing much of anything manually is an indication that the automation component of AI is perhaps one of the drawing factors of this innovation.

Not only are these types of companies planning on how they can use AI for their business, they are also expanding on the opportunities in allowing AI-technology to be granted and accessed by both users and game/application developers in the world today. A perfect example of this can be seen in the Google AI Experiments program.

It’s not just the world of gaming that artificial intelligence will improve all aspects, it’s already happening with some of the biggest names in online marketing and content creation as well. Business owners and eCommerce business people all agree that sites like Shopify, with its multiple AI components and features, saves them time and money over the long term by automating processes and scenarios that would ordinarily take hours to complete.

For this reason, AI will be around for a long time due to the amount of time and money you can save using this innovative technology.

Branding and AI – Where Games are Headed in the Next Few Years

The idea of using AI in gaming and branding is not new, but it has just begun to take a front seat on the radar of site owners. Branding involves everything from creating a logo to designing professional graphics, infographics, videos, and other assets. AI comes into play when site owners choose to utilize the many tools available to create these digital assets to promote their brand. In order to effectively use artificial intelligence, it’s all about having a good understand of what can be automated, learned and best applied to a service or an audience’s needs.

A perfect example of this can be seen in this article from Analytics India Mag, which highlights the best video games and their current use of AI so far. Since the technology is still fairly new, and it will likely take a new platform and gaming system to fully develop, it’s still interesting to see how different games can use AI, while still offering a premium gaming experience.

Whether it’s in some of your favorite games, or branding and business development, there is a subtle process of reputation building and making a great first impression whenever AI is being used. For example, the computer algorithms that are utilized on websites and within web servers is based primarily on the AI system. Machine learning is essential in connecting with the customer on a personal level, without actually have to have human beings on the site at all times.

This is an essential component of not just video games, but also how businesses can better improve customer relations through the use of AI bots and programs to handle and maintain the subtler aspects of your brand and business. Again, these components will all get better with time.

Applying AI to Your Everyday Life

How you choose to use AI in your daily life, marketing, gaming, design, or branding is totally up to you. There are many options and tools available that you can utilize — even for someone who isn’t interesting in the gaming or business aspect. We’ve also covered several different examples of how gaming platforms, web design or logo design use AI smart technology to create a better user experience. Another is the use of smart algorithms that serve as the basis for new games or programs that help people build their online presence.

In fact, some markets that AI-technology is already making a lot of progress can be seen within these mobile applications. As more people continue to use their mobile devices to take care of their daily operations and communications, we will likely see more of these apps being powered by AI resources and concepts.

Gamers and design artists, consumers, and business owners alike are all benefitting from the continual development of AI technologies. You can do more research at Machine to learn more about how this fascinating industry of AI tech is changing everything.

Humans vs. Computers – “All Your Base Are Belong to Us”

Ironically, the ultimate goal of AI is to recreate the “human component.” In other words, humans created computers. Computers were designed to get smarter and smarter, and finally to emulate humans. So the goal of AI is now to get back to the human element, despite the race to create machines that can outsmart humans!


Who knows what the future holds? No one.

But one thing is for sure, when it comes to AI, machine learning, and automation, the more things change, the more they stay the same!

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