Futurian Nostalgia

Now I say nostalgia, but I am actually lying. I’ve never read the original appearance of the Futurians by Dave Cockrum in the Marvel Graphic Novel series from way back when, nor their later series from Lodestone Comics. Now there are three issues released of the four issue Avatar Of The Futurians mini-series.

I started reading after the first issue cover you see here, which activated my magpie senses with the splash of colour. Having no idea of the back-story was little hindrance, everything seemed pretty straightforward. Britain, especially London had been devastated in the aftermath of some huge attack or battle, and the central character, very much Lord of the Manor (oh, and Merlin in a new form somehow), taking care of the survivors. Out of this mess, the nice traditional Morgan Le Fey turns up to claim her kingdom.

Now I said nostalgia, because the entire title reminds me of some of the Seventies and Eighties Captain Britain stories, long before he became entangled with the X-Men continuity. Don’t get me wrong, I like Brian’s place with the X-Men, and rather see it that the X-Men have been co-opted into his continuity. Yet there is a beautiful simplicity with Cockrum’s masterpiece here, and before it disappears, I wanted to give it a plug, as it would be a shame if the Futurians were to disappear for another number of years.

Moving on, my interest in Brightest Day has just dramatically increased. Reading the series and the fortunately few tie-ins had recently felt more like a chore, and these issues had worked their way to the bottom of the pile. But in regards to this week’s issue?

Whoa! Didn’t see that coming. I twigged to the elemental aspect, but still, whoa!

Now I want to see the conclusion!

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