Gadgets For The Germophobe

I am no germophobe but I do like washing my hands a lot. I also have a small bottle of isopropyl alcohol (70%) in my bag for when I go out. As it turns out, there are people out there who are more concerned about germs than I am. They’ve actually created gadgets that can help stop the spread of germs.

Here’s my favorite: a dishwasher safe Wii controller. You may not think about it much, but that white bar can carry tons of germs in it, especially after Wii night with friends. I try to make it a habit to wipe it clean with alcohol but sanitizing it sound so much better. You can get these controllers at Seal Shield for anywhere from $30 to $70, depending on the package.

“Touchless” faucets and soap dispensers are becoming quite popular as well. They are not so new or novel. Hotels and high end buildings already have these gadgets installed. You can now buy home versions for relatively cheap, though. For as low as $300, you can get a kitchen faucet that will not require you to touch or turn a handle to get the water flowing. The same thing goes for soap dispensers – for about $30, you can buy a unit that will not require the touch of the hand.

There are so many other gadgets that out there – thermometers that you do not need to insert into the mouth or the underarms. I guess the question is whether or not these gadgets really help in stopping the spread of germs. What’s your take?

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