An alternate fan ending of Game of Thrones has become popular over the past few years and it picturizes Jamie Lannister becoming a queen slayer in the end instead of dying in the rubble alongside Cersei.

It’s been four years since Game of Thrones ended. The series concluded its eighth and final season in 2019. However, even now when many fans look back to the epic shows’ ending, they cannot help but feel disappointment. Many fans often imagine the alternate ways in which the show could have concluded its various characters’ plot lines that could have done them more justice. However, a fan ending created by a YouTube channel has gained a lot of popularity among the GOT fandom. It surprisingly pictures one of the show’s most popular and loved characters Jamie Lannister becomes a queen slayer. But which queen does he slay?

GOT fan ending imagines Arya Stark attempting to kill Cersei while using Jamie’s face

The said fan ending comes from the YouTube video ‘How Game of Thrones Should Have Ended’ by Think Story. The video posted four years ago has garnered 10 million views so far.

In the creator’s version of the show’s ending, Jamie arrives in the red keep to meet Cersei Lannister. However, out of the blue Ellaria Sand emerges and stabs him. Fans may remember that it was the Lannisters who poisoned Ellaria’s daughter Tyene in the dungeon and she had to watch her daughter die. She also holds the Lannisters responsible for her lover Oberyn’s gruesome death.

Hence, in the fan end, Ellaria is broken free from Cersei’s version either by an ally or she breaks out of Cersei’s dungeon amid Kings Landing’s destruction. However, as Ellaria stabs Jamie it’s revealed that it wasn’t Jamie but Arya who had Jamie’s mask on to kill Cersei, who has always been on Arya’s list of people to kill. Arya does survive as she receives help in time.

How Jamie Lannister becomes a queen slayer in the fan ending

The real Jamie arrives at the red keep amid the chaos. Cersei informs him that they’ve won. The battle of the undead is over. She thinks the fight with the Night King has killed both Jon and Daenerys.

In the fan version, the Whitewalkers win the fight at Winterfell, forcing Dany and Jon to retreat to King’s Landing and plead for Cersei’s help. She is ready to help but in one condition, only if Dany bends the knee to her. Dany does so as she puts the survival of her people above her desire to gain the Iron throne.

Dany and Jon along with their crew hatch a plan to kill the Night King who will soon be heading for King’s Landing. The Night King soon arrives at King’s Landing and Dany and Jon manage to win with a clever trick which we will reveal in another article.

Cersei tells Jamie, she will call for the murder of anyone who had sworn loyalty to Dany to send the world a message about who their new Queen is. Jamie attempts to reason with her saying they would have never won against the Night King without Dany and Jon. He also questions her if this is the new world they want their child to grow up in. At this, Cersei reveals there never was a child, she faked her pregnancy to keep Jamie and Euron Greyjoy on a leash.

She orders Jamie to go ahead and “kill them all,” a throwback to the mad king Aerys Targeryn’s words. This is when Jamie plunges his sword into Cersei and becomes a Queen Slayer. The fan ending mirrors what happens at the show’s end between Jon and Dany.

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