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Rapidly approaching this summer’s latest (7th season) installment in the Game of Thrones franchise, the fan theory juggernaut shows no sign of slowing to let us browse all the dozens of wacky concepts on board. You’ll just have to take our word for it – these are some of the more heavyweight/credible ones you’ll still find sliding around untethered somewhere in the back.

Check out Game of Throne fan theory picks – good and bad.

Jon Snow becomes a White Walker and conquers Westeros

Ok, right off the bat, this one seems to offer particularly good bang for your narrative twist buck. If Jon Snow does indeed wind up being transmogrified into one of these kickass yeti-skeleton-fog-whatever things, then presumably that also ratchets up the probability that he’ll take his ultimate revenge on those heinous Nights Watch double-crossers – quite possibly leading the Army of the Dead to ride roughshod over all of Westeros for good measure.

And not that we’re cynical or anything, but having everyone left ‘alive’ (yet also, technically, very much not) would also make it far easier to tie up any remaining pesky loose ends/flatlining character arcs. Just saying.


This is basically the Dark Side of the Moon of GoT theories: neither the best nor the most interesting release to crawl out of its creators’ twisted think-bucket, but the one everybody somehow immediately recognises even if they’ve never knowingly heard it before (and, to extend the analogy yet further, the one that plain refuses to go away).

In short, if Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark did indeed get ‘it’ well and truly ‘on’ back in the day – and if Jon Snow is in fact the progeny of that cataclysmic hot minute – then obviously our boy is truly a Targaryen by blood, and thus rightful heir to the big metal couch.

Daenerys marries Jon Snow

In reality, there are at least four good reasons to avoid marrying your own family members. Ok, maybe five. Billion. But hey, we don’t need to worry about all that right now: this is low-high fantasy! Or high-low fantasy! Whichever! While we’d need to be both dizzyingly high and upsettingly low to even consider it, the good folk of George double-R’s fantasy realm are fully ok with such nuptial puckishness.

So if the whole R+L=J thing does indeed prove to be true, then we’re saying Jon might just end up marrying Daenerys anyway. Even if she is technically his auntie now. Hey, after all the bloodshed we’ve witnessed, maybe it might even be…well, not nice. But maybe sort of…sweet? In, like, a profoundly queasy way?

Stannis is alive and well and will claim The Iron Throne

A certain Stannis-tastic subsection of the viewing public are still dementedly unwilling to let him go, despite numerous writers and the director all having categorically stated that he buys the proverbial farm. We reckon the hardcore Stannis-obsessed resurrection cultists are thus clutching at straws harder than a man drowning in soda.

Still, let’s humour their swivel-eyed whispers of a glorious return for a minute: we do at least know that Stan The Man puts the good of the realm above all else (including ‘not setting his own daughter on fire’), so maybe Brienne remembered her old Kingsguard duties and somehow saw fit to give him the benefit of the doubt.


Game of Thrones follows a passage in the Bible

Strap in, because this one goes kind of deep, kind of fast. While we know that George RR Martin has a bit of a thing for the whole Norse mythology deal, it’s also reckoned that he derives a fair chunk of his inspiration – knowingly or otherwise – from biblical tales. Specifically, the Book of Revelation (verses 12-19, Sunday scholars), which some sharp-eyed fans have pointed out pretty much parallels the entire narrative arc of GoT.

You’ll want to check out the full Reddit thread if that’s the sort of thing that floats your canoe, but in a nutshell this theory presumes that Aegon survived the slaughter of the Targaryens and he (or potentially some sort of doppelganger) will return to Westeros and conquer it to restore the dynasty. And, if we’re sticking strictly to plot-lines cribbed from the most widely-read book in history, Daenerys might then return and ruin everything for everyone, followed by Jon coming back as the aforementioned White Walker to deal out some grievous penance of his own.

Jon Snow and Meera Reed are siblings

Does exactly what it says on the tin, this one – Meera Reed is Jon Snow’s sister, and therefore the pair of them are the result (probably twins) of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark’s epic date night date night all those moons ago. You’d have to say there’s at least some circumstantial evidence to back the theory up: the actors chosen to play Jon and Meera in the show do look remarkably similar, and better yet, in the books both characters are the exact same age.

Question is, do we put that down to pure coincidence, deliberate stirring on the part of the writing and casting teams, or something a little more precision-engineered than that…?

What Game of Thrones fan theory do you think holds water the most?

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