Game of Thrones Flowchart: Would You Survive in the Seven Kingdoms?

The characters all die. Would you make it if you got dumped in the middle of the Seven Kingdoms? Don’t get me wrong – I love this series, but I have never denied the fact that every reading makes me depressed because all the “good” ones die. Even the “bad” ones with “good” sides die. They all die. Still, I think it’s merely a representation of real life – sooner or later we’ll all die, albeit not in such dramatic or grisly ways as George R.R. Martin’s characters do.

Anyhow, the season finale of HBO’s Game of Thrones is this weekend. Can you believe that? I need to catch up on the TV series, as I haven’t had time to watch!

Finale or not, in keeping with the GoT spirit, I found this flowchart which can predict your future – at least about the nature of your death (to a certain degree). ((Source: Peas and Cougars)) If anything, the lines are amusing and they are based on the characters in the series. There aren’t any outright spoilers, but it still is rather easy to figure out which characters are referred to, so I suggest putting off reading the flowchart in detail until after you’ve watched the season finale. Of course, that’s only if you are bothered by spoilers.

Click to figure out those squiggly lines

My path was pretty straightforward and boring – from START to “War is easier than daughters. You may live yet, if you’re willing to get bloody.”

Oh, just in case you still haven’t been introduced to the show, here is the perfect guide to Game of Thrones.

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