Game of Thrones Merchandise 2013

The new season of HBO's Game of Thrones is finally here, and I bet you're already holding your breath in anticipation of the next episode. If you have not seen it yet, don't worry. There will be no spoilers in this post, as yours truly has not seen the premiere either.

[UPDATED: June 18, 2013]

The new season of HBO’s Game of Thrones is finally here, and I bet you’re already holding your breath in anticipation of the next episode. If you have not seen it yet, don’t worry. There will be no spoilers in this post, as yours truly has not seen the premiere either.

In any case, this post is for people who are so into the show and/or the books, so much so that you are willing to part with your hard-earned cash to get your hands on some of the coolest Game of Thrones merchandise. I recently got myself one – just one, for now – cool item, which you will see in the list later on. While you are waiting for the next episode – and the next and the next – why not do some online shopping? I promise that these Game of Thrones goodies will not break the bank – some of them, at least.

And make sure to check back from time to time as this list will be updated every time we spot cool (or outrageous) Game of Thrones merch.

Game of Thrones Lunchbox

This one’s for parents who love the Game of Thrones so much that they share the passion with their kids. While the appropriateness of the storyline is rather questionable for young minds, this lunchbox still rocks.

Daenerys Bust

Bust as in a carving, or three-dimensional representation, obviously. This Daenerys bust may not be for everyone, but anyone who likes her character (who doesn’t?) would consider having this on display. The only drawback is that it normally costs over a hundred bucks, but it’s currently on sale for $75. Dimensions: 7 inches tall and 8 inches wide.

Vintage Playing Cards

Okay, George R.R. Martin’s books were only released in the last decade or so, but these vintage playing cards do look great, don’t they? You get the four major houses: Lannister, Targaryen, Baratheon, and Stark. You’ll never play poker – or any other card game – the same way again.

Game of Thrones Miniskirt

I’m not sexist. I really am not, but who can resist this GoT-inspired miniskirt? Any man or woman in his right mind would not say no to this. And, it’s not so expensive! But, grab it now, because there’s only ONE available.

The Night’s Watch

I love wordplay, and the attempt at it is too strong to ignore when it comes to this particular piece of Game of Thrones merchandise. Unfortunately, the creator of the watch doesn’t seem to have done his homework well. While the watch does look good, I doubt that Commander Mormont would allow any of the men to wear something other than black. Not even for this $10,500 watch. You never know who might fall for this, though.

Dragon Egg Paperweight

Dragon Egg Paperweight

From the official HBO store, this paperweight will set you back $45, but hey, dragon eggs do not come cheap! You never know if, one day, your egg will hatch and give you the dragon of your dreams!

Hand-stamped Aluminum Rings

Khal and Khaleesi rings

If you and your partner have ever daydreamed about being Khal Drogo and Daenerys, these rings are the perfect accessories. Whether you wear them regularly or to special events, it’s up to you. And, if you don’t feel going the cheesy route, the same shop has other accessories for single khaleesis and khals.

A Song of Ice and Fire Calendars

In spite of not being in the US – and you know how hard it can be to get merchandise if you’re in other parts of the world – I was able to find the 2013 Song of Ice and Fire calendar.

It took a while, so the first quarter of the year was almost gone before I was able to put the amazing artwork up on my wall. But it is so worth it.

It’s still just April, so you can still buy the 2013 Song of Ice and Fire calendar from Amazon.

And if you’re forward thinking, you can pre-order the 2014 calendar now!


Game of Thrones Glasses

If you remember, we gave away some etched glasses in cooperation with NexusGlass last month. In my book, the Game of Thrones pint glasses are must haves for any fan!

If ceramic is what you like, here’s an alternative: Game of Thrones Ceramic Beer Stein.


Or any other sword from the show, for that matter. I just chose Needle because sometimes, I like the idea of sticking “them” with the pointy end. Don’t you think that’s one of the smartest things Jon Snow ever said?

Valyrian Steel sells Needle and other awesome items. The only issue is the price…

Game of Thrones Refrigerator Magnets

Not everyone is into refrigerator magnets, but this set is particularly geeky. The cool thing about this set is that it includes more than 425 words from the show. Language lovers can then create their own sentences following the speech patterns of that age. Isn’t that fun?


There’s something about plushies, especially if they’re direwolves. Spotted on TOR, these plushies will keep you company at night.

Funko POP! Khal Drogo

Doesn’t he look adorable? This figure won’t be out till May 30, and it will cost you about $12. Still, if you look at that link, you’ll find other characters that are available now. But I would not mind waiting for my moon and stars!

 A Feast of Ice and Fire

It’s all about food, glorious food! From pork pies to lemon cakes – you can cook up your own feast in the kitchen with this cookbook. And, if you don’t like cooking, get it as a gift for someone who does. Just make sure a condition is that he or she feeds you!

Wildfire Dragon Necklace

Wear your Game of Thrones obsession loud and proud with this necklace that combines two of the most fiery elements of the series: wildfire and dragons.

Game of Thrones Umbrella

I dislike carrying an umbrella even if there’s chance of rain, but with this Game of Thrones-inspired umbrella, I’d make an exception.


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