Game of Thrones: Is Cersei One of the Greatest Villains of All Time?

Before I begin expunging on how fantastic the Game of Thrones finale for season six was (spoiler, it was amazing, per usual), I do want to say, this show really knows how to manipulate your emotions from one moment to the next. And this finale was no exception. But man, can we talk about the unyielding beast that is Cersei? What Cersei Lannister did in this finale to secure her place on the Iron Throne (for now) was like some ISIS shit, and it showed us the true levels of human depravity that exist within her. Like, we wanted to slap Joffrey in the face when he used to be on the show, but this is whole ‘other level type of shit.’ Cersei makes us feel the way Cruella De Vil made the dalmatians feel. Cersei makes us feel the way the Wicked Witch made us feel as kids. Cersei is on some Hitler shit with just how high she regards humanity, and her (SPOILER ALERT) blowing up of “The Great Sept of Baelor” to gain the Iron Throne was repulsively good TV. Cersei Lannister is a character who transcends her role. People don’t even ask the actual actress who plays her (the stunning Lena Headey) for her autograph they hate and fear her so much. Making the audience feel that kind of hatred only deserves on thing. What she makes us feel as an audience is every actor and actresses dream. We believe her in that role, wholly. She fills us with the kind of seething hatred that should…

Land her an award. Give Lena Headey an Emmy for crying out loud. She is a master craftswoman at what she does, and that should not be ignored.

No joke. Why the Emmy’s rarely focus on villainous performances is beyond me, because that woman has a gift to get my (and most of the world’s) blood boiling. But, while we know the character was pre-written as vile, Headey TRULY brings the blank, empty stare and cruel, sly grin of a genuine sociopath to the role, and it always leaves me stunned by each episode’s end. Another SPOILER ALERT: When you drive your last son to suicide, you are the kind of deviant soul who has a special place put aside in Hell for you.

But that is all fiction. So for real, in real life, give Lena Headey an Emmy. And side note to the idiots at Comic-Con and on the street who yell at her or berate her because of a character she plays, you need a great deal of mental help. That would be like yelling at Picasso for being depressed. This woman is the best kind of awful, and I hope she gets recognized for that. As a matter of fact, I incest upon it!

*Crown drop, which is the Game of Thrones version of a mic drop

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