Let's Speculate About Game of Thrones Spin Off Ideas

It would not be a false assumption to say most of pop culture right now are fans of Game of Thrones (the heralded book series that turned into the heralded HBO series of the same name). We gather around our TV’s every Sunday night when it is on and attend it with the same ritualistic obedience that a child attends Sunday school with.

The reason for this is Game of Thrones is quite unlike anything that has come before it in pop culture. It hits all the sweet spots to ensure the stellar show offers something for everyone. You want politics and backstabbing? They’ve got that. You want sword fights and vicious, gory battles? They’ve got that. You want the closest thing to soft core porn available these days without feeling guilty? Yes, Game of Thrones has that covered, too. And to top it all off like some fire breathing cherry on the greatest sundae ever, they have motherf*cking dragons.

So like I said, Game of Thrones has something for everyone. Sadly, Game of Thrones has one ACTUAL season left (even though they are technically breaking it into two seasons) and people are starting to freak out about the show coming to a close. Relax, though, as it was just announced that there will be four separate and unique Game of Thrones spin offs that all take place within the same world as Game of Thrones. Question is, what will each Game of Thrones spin off be about? Who will it feature? Will it move forward with the story or will we go prequel style?

Game of Thrones Fan Theories

Truth is, as of right now, nobody knows which means, as fans, it is the perfect time to speculate what the shows may end up being or who they may end up being about. Keep in mind, the following is all based on speculation and no actual fact. We are just gonna spitball some GOT spin off ideas we think would make fantastic shows on their own.

Game of Thrones Spin Off Ideas

The Rise of Khal Drogo


Jason Momoa is a beast and when they killed off his character in the first season for something so menial, a lot of fans thought that was a missed opportunity. Truth is, from the strict Dothraki laws and rules he followed to the way he rose up in rank, watching a show that focused on the rise of Khal Drogo would be fantastic.

Show us him first being introduced to the others to their dismay. Have some internal conflict. Obviously in a show about the warrior tribe Dothraki, your main selling point would be some brutal moments of conflict. Just imagine them riding in on their mighty steeds and swinging their brutal, old-school weaponry until all the skulls are caved in. How cool would that be?

Plus, we know very little about the Dothraki and even from a cultural standpoint (yes, I know they are fictitious, shut up) we could learn a great deal more about their people and the rules and codes they follow. Just seeing the dynamic change and the constant battle for alpha position would be like watching Silverbacks in the wild. Utterly enthralling. Plus, all the battles would be dope, and they are a battling people lest you forget, so they not only do it well but take joy in it.

And on top of it, they would give the fans more time with Khal Drogo. One of the most menacing and badass characters to ever grace a TV show. You fell too soon, sir. May you one day rise again (but not like that creepy way you did before when Khaleesi had to kill you, that was rough).

Nevermind the Moon Door

Okay, we ALL know the Moon Door in The Eyrie is one of the scariest and coolest things we have ever seen. A castle built on high in the mountains, having a circular room in the middle of it’s main room. On the floor in the direct middle of that room is a kind of stone door on the floor that drops away. They hold court there and see who is guilty and innocent (our boy Tyrion being one of the few people who has ever lived to tell the tale afterward) and when they deem someone “guilty”, they pull open the moon door and revel as the guilty fall, screaming to their death. I know what you are thinking. How can there be a spin off based around the moon door? Easy. Imagine, if you would, what would happen if someone like Judge Judy had access to that moon door? You would have the BEST COURT SHOW OF ALL TIME AND EVER!

Think about it. A version of the People’s Court held at The Eyrie! Just make sure you have a couple guilty and a couple innocents each episode so it just doesn’t become the same thing over and over. Maybe once every couple episodes you could have a family member do the lever duty. Yes, it sounds brutal and archaic, but brutal and archaic are two things that Game of Thrones does really well. My only request if they do go through with this idea is please keep Lysa and Lord Robin away from each other. They seem to have a very unhealthy relationship with some real boundary issues and perhaps the best way to start this spin off would be finding HER guilty of incest and dropping HER out of her own very moon door.  Oh wait, someone already did that. Tee hee!

Anyway, I (and many others) would watch the shit out of that show!

Brienne and Arya, on the Road Again

You know all those cool travel shows you see on TV right now? Well, imagine one featuring all the best spots around Westeros, all hosted by Arya and Brienne? How much fun would that be?

Okay, I am kidding about the travel show idea but now about the Brienne and Arya idea. It actually makes a great deal of sense. Brienna had sworn an oath to Mama Stark and now feels the need to carry over that protection to Arya. Thing is, Arya is no meek little mouse. Rather, she is a cat that has some savage claws when provoked, much like Brienne herself. So a show where these two travel like mercenaries for good would be awesome. It would put two very varied females into the role of alpha-ass-kickers, which the world needs to see more of anyway. Their generation gap could lead to B teaching

So a show where these two travel like mercenaries for good would be awesome. It would put two very varied females into the role of alpha-ass-kickers, which the world needs to see more of anyway. Their generation gap could lead to B teaching A some brutal but necessary life lessons to humble her at times. Just the idea of an older, stronger woman literally helping raise her up in that of image herself would be a brave direction to take.

And the cool thing about a sort of road trip show (even if they are just walking) would be you could toss in some cool GOT cameos now and then to get people stoked. Maybe they run into the Hound again and have to finish that battle (or he thanks Brienne because that battle changed his whole life). The opportunities would be endless and the stories write themselves. But a show like this could be a great influence on women and step away from the idea that all women play in shows and moves are wives and girlfriends. This show would not have the stupid message in it at all.

This show would be about ass-kickers who also just so happened to be women.

Tyrion: BAMF

Anyone who has a soul and eyes and ears can tell you without question that Tyrion is the greatest character on Game of Thrones. He is just so complex, yet seemingly written-off by everyone.

In maintaining that role so well, he quickly became a sort of underdog for viewers. A man who was birthed under the wrong flag and did all he could to work with the bastards and bitches around him. But no matter what situation he finds himself in, be it needing to battle to save his city to having to merk his own Dad for stealing his love and laughing in his face about it, he does what needs to be done.

And it seems that anytime Tyrion is on-screen on Game of Thrones, I and whomever I am watching the show with at that point does not want that scene to end. Peter Dinklage almost brings a Shakespearean wit to the character. A sort of Cyrano deBergerac of Westeros. And when you think Game of Thrones spin off, you would be remiss to not desire a show that would be all Tyrion.

Here, I will give you a couple examples of shows that could feature Tyrion, and all of them will work.

  • Kooky comedy where Tyrion runs an Inn in Vermont and deals with the many zany guests that come and go from his life.
  • A show like No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain where Tyrion just goes around from tavern to tavern eating the best food Westeros has to offer while getting drunk AF and banging prostitute.
  • A dating show where 10 nymphs needs to win the affection of Tyrion in a weird rose ceremony every week.
  • Taxi driver Tyrion. The name says it all and sells it just like that. Tyrion has a camera in his taxi cab and picks weird people up and gives them life advice.

Okay, so you got me. Everything mentioned above for Tyrion are all already shows (Newhart, to name just one). But the not-so-subtle point I am trying to make is, you could put Tyrion into any situation and he would still shine. You see, with Tyrion you can do no wrong. From his razor sharp barbs and burns to his delicate use of the language, Tyrion is a magical character to behold and to imagine that we will be losing him from our lives in a few more seasons is just not okay. We DEMAND more Tyrion and if he dies, we WILL riot. Don’t test us.

I have one final idea that would be so batshit insane that it just might work.

Westeros After Dark

I know that sounds like a bad porn parody but rest assured. It isn’t. The idea here is REALLY meta so it would take some people who think way outside the box to both make it happen and to truly appreciate it. I say you get Tyrion as host (MAYBE Ned Stark just to fuck with some people). Have him come out on a stage and do a monologue in front of a live audience. Then, he sits at the Iron Thrones and goes on to host a late night talk show, only this show’s guests would only be Game of Thrones characters (IN CHARACTER) and they would stay in character (host and guest) the entire interview.

Think about the awkward hilarious moments from the Space Ghost cartoon to get a feel. Here, kinda like this.


So there could be awkward pauses and misunderstandings that turn to squabbles and such. Though it may seem TOO insane, Game of Thrones already had incest and baby killing and child rape and a myriad of other awful, heavy things. So maybe this show taking a lighter approach, being somewhat meta, and not taking itself so seriously would be a blast to watch, too. On the other extreme, here is one REALLY last idea I have for Game of Thrones spin off TV that I can’t help but feel would have GREAT ratings:

GOT: Just the Love Scenes

That title tells you all you need to knowOkay, so maybe that’s stretching it a bit. Fuck it, just give those dragons their own show. Everybody loves dragons. Holy shit, that could even be the name of the show. Everybody Loves Dragons! Someone call my agent, stat!

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