Game Vids: Special Edition

Mass Effect 3. Elder Scrolls 5. Forza 4. Uncharted 3. Prototype 2. Resistance 3. Batman: Arkham City. SSX. And a certain Guillermo del Toro game…

Spike’s Video Game Awards aired over the weekend, and while few gamers or industry insiders consider the awards themselves to be all that prestigious, the industry does always take the opportunity to unveil a slew of new games for the coming year with fancy, big-budget trailers. Which are always much bigger news than the award winners. So here are some of the biggest games you have to look forward to next year.

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(Note that most of these trailers are intended for mature audiences.)

One of the biggest nobody-saw-it-coming surprises of the night was the announcement of Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. Check out the trailer for an explanation of what that title means, but don’t expect to see any gameplay footage.

Batman: Arkham City isn’t news, but the VGAs got a brand-spanking-new, intensely cool trailer that reveals who the game’s main villain is. Again, no gameplay footage, but who cares when you get a mini Batman action movie of this caliber?

It’s a surprise to no one that Mass Effect 3 was officially announced, but this trailer for what is presumably the final act of Commander Shepard’s story is suitably dark and exciting.

Sega showed off its first gameplay trailer for its tie-in game to Marvel’s Thor movie. Entitled Thor: God of Thunder, it looks a lot like God of War.

Speaking of Kratos, he’s been added to the roster for the new Mortal Kombat, as revealed in this new spot:

Here’s a new trailer for Resistance 3, which according to this video, is coming September 6th 2011.

Another major announcement: Prototype 2. This time, you play as a new guy with the same powers who sets out to track down the main character from the first game.

Remember that game that Guillermo del Toro said he was working on with THQ?  And THQ was like, “We don’t know what he’s been smoking,” and del Toro was like “Oh no they didn’t…” Okay, I made up that last one. But surprise surprise: THQ was full of it, ’cause the game is real. It’s called inSane, and it’s a horror game from Volition. That’s all we know about it. Watch this teaser if you don’t believe me.

Forza Motorsport 4 is officially official. Here’s the first teaser.

After a very long absence, the SSX snowboarding franchise is making a buzzed-about return. SSX: Deadly Descents is taking a turn toward survival, as it pits a team of snowboarders against some of the most dangerous real-world peaks in the world. Extreme sports + extreme environments = extreme survival.

Last but certainly not least, here’s the first full trailer for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. It’s mostly pre-rendered stuff focusing on the story (story is always king in the Uncharted universe, which is fine by me), but watch closely for a few glimpses of gameplay footage at the very end.

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