Games Harder Than Dark Souls Series

Like all art, video games do spark intense emotions. Rage is one of them and one game series has capitalized on that emotion with flying colors over the past years– the Dark Souls franchise. It’s a game franchise so unanimously difficult yet so addicting, it has spawned its own subgenre in gaming called “Souls-like.” So yes, there are now games harder than dark souls– a lot more, especially that Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice from the same developer as Dark Souls is upon us.


Since they are notoriously difficult, you might be wondering what makes them so popular? Turns out, a single victory after dozens of failed Herculean attempts and getting figuratively sand-kicked in the face is a good source of endorphin rush, along with RPG mechanics, of course. Still, the hardest Dark Souls boss can be more unforgiving than others such as:

Hobo Thor

The Nameless King. Photo by Fextralife/Dark Souls 3

Pikachu and Snorlax

Ornstein and Smough. Photo by Fextralife/Dark Souls

Edgy McNun

Sister Friede. Photo by Fextralife/Dark Souls 3

Some dude named anus

Manus, Father of the Abyss. Photo by Fextralife/Dark Souls

This unfair badass

Sir Alonne. Photo by Fextralife/Dark Souls 2

This unfair asshole

Fume Knight. Photo by Fextralife/Dark Souls 2

While those guys are rage-inducing insanities made manifest out of pixels, they keep us coming back for more. Now, once Sekiro: Shadow’s Die Twice comes out, you can bet that anyone who is either a masochist or just loves a good gaming challenge will be scrambling for a chance to beat depressing odds after failing countless times.


Hence, this collection of games harder than Dark Souls with no difficulty sliders ought to prepare your sanity for that sort of challenge, starting with:


It’s pretty much Dark Souls in a Lovecraftian Victorian era, same developers as Dark Souls too. However, what makes it more or less one of the games harder than dark souls is the lack of shields and faster combat.


Players had to rely on their dodging skills instead of turtling and this makes Bloodborne fights more aggressive compared to Dark Souls. Despite the game favoring risk-taking and recklessness, you still lose your progress on death.

Enter the Gungeon

This game here is one of the reasons why old bullet hell games like Gunbird did not make the list. It’s a top-down shooting game where you have to have superhuman reflexes and hand-eye coordination in order to survive the onslaught of enemies and bullets.


Also, Enter the Gungeon is a game where you can have a bullet that shoots guns that actually shoot more bullets, let that sink in.

Darkest Dungeon

A pit of hell made of grim drawings and the most metal narrator ever, that’s what Darkest Dungeon is. It’s also a Lovecraftian dungeon crawler that lets you control four incredibly inept dungeoneers who can snap under pressure.


You’ll find that managing their sanity and stress are bigger challenges in this game than the enemies. Forget about victory in Darkest Dungeon, coping and adjusting for failure is all that matters here, as it will happen regardless.

Getting Over It

Getting Over It is not a game you play for fun, it’s a game you play if you want to hate yourself, your life choices, the game’s developer, and your controller. It features a bald man attached to a cauldron who can only move by using a sledgehammer as a fulcrum.


The point of Getting Over It is to get over a mountain (metaphorical or otherwise) using those deplorable movement methods.


If there ever was a game that can be used as a torture device, this is it.

Ghosts N Goblins

The ’80s were chock full of video games harder than Dark Souls, however, Ghosts N Goblins stands out for giving you only two chances to make a mistake.


This game lets you control the worst knight ever, no shield, no horse, and no goddamn permanent checkpoints in the game. You die, then it’s game over, you start all over again. This is art where the artist makes the audience suffer instead of him.

Ninja Gaiden Black

The best part about video games is that they let us make mistakes and do not always demand perfection from the players. However, Ninja Gaiden Black is not your typical video game.


It not only demands perfection from you; it also asks that you cry in a fetal position beside a broken controller you obliterated after you missed that perfect timed jump in a boss fight where getting hit means death.


“I’ve beaten Battletoads’ hoverbike levels,” is a phrase you never hear much these days because no one has gone through that miserable and horrifying hurdle and come out sane.


All veteran players of Battletoads are in a vegetative state right now from all the popped blood vessels they incurred through that hoverbike section.


This game was not made in the 1920s, it was actually from 2017. Looks cute, right? Wait until you bloody your eyes trying to avoid the ten million projectiles that the cartoon enemies launched at you.


You’ll soon forget the astonishingly intricate hand-drawn and manually animated art style and graphics of this game once the high blood pressure and nausea sets in from numerous defeats.

Super Meat Boy

If you’re wondering why the old Super Mario or even the old Mega Man games are not here, it’s because of Super Meat Boy.


It’s not difficult because of bad physics or jumping mechanics, it just is. Mainly because Super Meat Boy wants you to think about all the mistakes you made in your life after you smashed that monitor or television screen just because you can’t make the right choice in a split millisecond.

Monster Hunter (Series)

A game where all you do is fight bosses, sometimes for 20-30 minutes at a time, over and over. Easy rinse and repeat formula, right? Wrong. The Elder Dragons and their veteran (Tempered) counterparts, basically the apex monsters in the Monster Hunter franchise, make some Dark Souls bosses look like Samaritans who give you easy rewards by comparison.


Each monster also has a personality in this game, that’s something you’ll need to keep in mind while they make you their chew toy.

Despite all these games harder than Dark Souls, the most difficult enemy in video games still remains you yourself… or maybe it was that lag, yeah, it definitely was the lag. So get busy and git gud as there are bound to be more Souls-like games on the horizon.

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