LucasArts teased us at E3 with some big-screen-worthy gameplay footage from Star Wars 1313. Today at Gamescom, they dropped a new trailer that finally gives us a glimpse of Level 1313 itself.

Star Wars 1313 represents a chance for LucasArts to show us a part of the Star Wars universe we’ve never seen before — not even in the galaxy-spanning Clone Wars TV series. The “seedy underbelly” of Coruscant is where the bounty hunters, the smugglers, and the crime lords live and do business, and it’s where the majority of the action in the game takes place. The thrilling trailer shows us a death-defying plummet down a very long hole, after which we’re informed that we’ve arrived at Level 1313.

LucasArts is also showing off some brand new screenshots from that falling-down-the-rabbit-hole trailer and (even better) concept art of Level 1313 itself. They don’t seem keen on showing us much of 1313 yet, but as long as they keep teasing us with steady trickles of new visuals like this, we’ll keep lapping it up like the thirsty dogs we are. As for those concept art pieces (below), there’s a definite Blade Runner vibe to it, as if the bright, gleaming vistas of Coruscant have been transformed into a dark, foreboding, dangerous place. Overall, the place looks a lot more wide open and expansive than I expected, but I’m loving what I see so far. It also reminds me more than a little bit of the nighttime alien world from currently-on-hold Prey 2.

Enjoy the eye candy. I added a couple of high-res screengrabs from the end of the trailer that I brightened up a bit, so you can get a really good look at Level 1313. Because I’m a giver. Clearly.

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