Your Gaming Laptop Has Nothing on the PS4 Laptop

How much did you spend on your gaming laptop? Correct me if I’m wrong, but you’ve probably shelled out several thousands of dollars to ensure that your gaming experience doesn’t suffer the tiniest bit.

I hate to burst your bubble, but here’s something way cooler than a regular gaming laptop: the PLAYBOOK 4, a PS4 Laptop.

Created by engineer Ed Zarick, the PS4 Laptop is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a PS4 modded to look like a laptop while allowing you to play your favorite PS4 games.

Zarick is no stranger to this kind of modification. In fact, he first made an XBOOK (you can guess what that is), and of course, PS4 fans wanted their own version. Due to popular demand, the PS4 Laptop was born. It comes in two colors for now, but you can ask for additional mods, depending on how reasonable they are. For example, colors and logos can be anything you like since many parts are 3D-printed.

As cool as the PLAYBOOK 4 looks, there is one major drawback: you can’t use it unless it’s plugged into a wall socket. As much as that sucks, it is quite understandable since PS4s are not built to run on batteries. At least you can go to your favorite bar or coffee shop and show off your unique gaming console – as long as they allow patrons to plug in.

Oh, and here’s a video you’ll want to watch.

  • As for the pricing, well, we can’t expect this to be cheap.
  • PlayBook 4 – $1,395.00 USD
  • PlayBook 4 (you provide your PS4) – $1,095.00
  • W/ HDMI OUT – +$50.00 USD

Flat Rate Shipping of $75.00 to 48 US States. If you are in another country or at an APO, get in touch with him for details. You can visit his site here.

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