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Sega or Android Gaming? Why not Both with the Sega Android Smartphone Controller?

Before the PlayStation consoles took the world by storm at the turn of the new millennium, gaming was dominated by Sega. Games like Sonic the Hedgehog, Double Dragon, and even the old Mortal Kombat titles were all the rage back then. Now, you can relive that era in the comfort of your Android phone thanks to emulators or properly ported games. Even better, you can use an Android smartphone controller to make things feel more authentic.

Thanks to modern technology and popular demand, you can now have the best of both worlds. Gaming on your smartphone’s Sega console emulator just got easier with the Sega Android Smartphone Controller. Also, you’re in luck, the product is currently on sale.

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The Sega Android Smartphone Controller is an authentically replicated gaming gadget. It takes after the classic Sega console design featuring a D-pad along with the “start,” bumper buttons, and six other buttons. It connects via Bluetooth; two AAA batteries also power it.

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You’ll find no shortage of games if that’s what you fear. Simply search for “Sega Forever” on Google Play and you’ll immediately see what’s about to preoccupy you for months. Of course, when it comes to that, having a proper controller in the form of the Sega Android Smartphone Controller can make it more fun. All you need to do is connect it once you have those games and you get an instant blast from the past.

via Geek Core

By the way, this one’s an official Sega product, so it really shouldn’t have any compatibility problems with those games. As for emulators, you might have to do a little more tinkering. Regardless, for the Sega Forever games alone, it’s worth a buy. Painful hands and fingers can often get in the way of nostalgia.

Get your controller here.

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