Geek Baby Accessories: Because You Gotta Start 'Em Young

Parenting is hard, so they say; but it can be fun if you start molding your kids into geeks and nerds at an early age, can’t it?

Whether you’re a geek parent, or the cool aunt/uncle, you’ll want your baby to turn out just right. With these geek baby accessories, you’ll be doing just that. Heck, people with no kids may even want to have one just to have an excuse to splurge on these geek baby accessories!

Geek Baby Accessories

Batmobile Baby Stroller

If bookworms can have their Batshelf, then babies ought to have their very own Batmobile stroller. This build is so awesome, that every parent should buy one. Except you won’t find it at your favorite baby store.

Made by some of the top prop makers of Hollywood, this stroller will surely keep your baby safe. Just be prepared to be stopped everywhere you go.

Watch the making below.

Groot Swing Set

Every toddler needs a swing set. Why not make it extra special with this Groot Swing Set? Also made by the same guys who made the Batmobile Stroller, this swing set will give kids the time of their lives. For sure, they won’t have any problems saying “I am Groot”.

Watch the build below.

Doctor Who Mobile

Whovian parents, here’s how you start ’em young: with a Doctor Who mobile. While it has a Dalek and a Cyberman, it also has the 11th and the TARDIS, so your baby is totally – or relatively – safe. In any case, your baby will grow up knowing his Doctor Who. Which is always a good thing.

Get the Doctor Who Mobile for $145.

AT-AT Rocker

Rocking horses are fun and all, but why settle for the usual rocker when you can have an AT-AT Rocker? Sure, it’s from the dark side, but it should still give your baby some rockin’ fun. And it’s DIY, too, so you can hone your woodcrafting skills.

You can get the pattern and complete instructions here.

Yoda Pillowtime Pal

Forget a security blanket. Give your baby a Yoda Pillowtime Pal instead, and he’ll always feel secure. After all, who else can keep your baby safe from the dark forces better than Master Yoda?

Get a Yoda Pillowtime Pal for $22.46.

Star Trek Onesies

These Star Trek Onesies may not be an exact match with the Yoda Pillowtime Pal, but who cares? At least your baby gets to learn about two franchises in one go. Unless you’re one of those who think the two can’t coexist.

Unrelated: Bill Shatner approves.

Get Star Trek Onesies for $15.99.

Jayne Baby Hat

So Jayne may not be the best role model for a kid, but his hat screams WANT. Even if your baby doesn’t know it yet. And if your head is small enough, you might even get to borrow the hat for a party or something.

It also serves the practical purpose of keeping your baby warm, by the way.

Get the Jayne Baby Hat.

Game of Thrones Direwolf Cub – Ghost

Before there was the fierce Ghost who kept Jon Snow company, there was an extra super cuddly direwolf. When all the legal-born Stark kids had taken their pick of the direwolf cubs, the white cub was left to Jon. Now, your baby can have his own baby Ghost as company 24/7.

Get the Ghost Plushie.

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