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10 Geek Characters That Are Difficult to Cosplay

The work that goes into creating your favorite character to cosplay is meticulous and daunting, but for hard-core cosplayers, the impeccably amazing result of the geek, anime or comic book figure is its own reward. Since cosplay costumes are often self-created, and makeup skills are of a higher level, quite a few characters are extremely difficult to re-create. Nonetheless, this hasn’t stopped true-blue cosplayers from going for them and succeeding.
Here are 10 geek characters that take extra effort to cosplay.

1. The Crusader from Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

The costume for Johanna Crusader from Diablo lll requires a helmet, horns, and body, arms and legs armors, and the weapons, shield and flail. The helmet is made using kitchen foil, tape and lots of Worbla, a brand of thermoplastic material that can be molded and re-molded. Pink insulation foam is formed to make the horns; then these are smoothened with sand paper. The details are painstakingly sculpted using a knife. The armors are cut out from a pattern, then made with Worbla, complete with pauldrons and hip parts that are quite complicated.

2. The Hulkbuster

The Hulkbuster was created by Iron Man Tony Stark to fend off the Hulk in case of a rampage. It stands at 11 feet and is fully weaponized. Simon Wait from Heroes and More says it took 2 ½ months, 20 cans of spray paint, 300 sheets of paper template and 43 EVA foam mats to finish making the Hulkbuster.

The Hulkbuster Armor is durable. It can take attacks from Hulk, or blasts from missiles, lasers, and anti-aircraft weapons.

3. The Swamp Thing

The antihero in DC Comics, protector of the plant world versus human beings, a Swamp Thing cosplay costume can be made using a wetsuit, several pairs of green rubber gloves, green or black fishnet stockings, green hair spray, a few bath loofah sponges colored green, and lots of green vegetation. The proper techniques give you a more realistic aquatic look. Add webbed fingers, scales and scraggly vines and weeds plus green toilet paper glued to your face and green body paint for exposed body parts.

4. Wasp

Wasp is a comic book heroine and founding member of the Avengers. Her superpowers include size-shrinking, flying on insect wings, and firing bioelectric energy stings. Winged characters are always difficult to create. You have to consider the complexity of the design, the wings’ weight, a solid structure, the character’s movements, etc. Wasp wears a fitted costume which is relatively easy to make, and black boots, available at online stores like JJ’s House so you’ll have more time to create the wings.

5. Darkseid

Pronounced “darkside,” this DC Comics powerful villain is the archnemesis of the Justice League and Superman. His goal is to enslave the universe. Darkseid is massively huge and his costume intricate. The boots are covered with blue craft foam. A onesie and a tunic make the costume for the body. “Cracks” are drawn on the onesie to make Darkseid’s surface look like a rock. The masquerade mask is enlarged using Bondo putty to cover the whole face. Then there are the hands, forearms and belt that add to the work of creating a convincing villain.

6. Wolverine

Arguably the most popular mutant in the X-Men team, Wolverine in the comic books is donned in his yellow and black body armor costume with silver retractable claws. The yellow helmet with black horns are complemented by a yellow spandex body suit and leggings with muscles on the chest and abs pasted on. Hair and makeup are essential to the Wolverine cosplay costume. 

7. Beast

One of the five founding members of X-Men, Beast is a blue creature covered in blue fur, has super large hands and feet, and looks like a cross between cat and ape. He has superhuman skills, especially in lifting and jumping. Materials for the costume include fabric with fur dyed blue, to attach to the shirt and pants, a jacket, blue wig, blue body paint and glue. Blue toes and skillfully applied makeup complete the Beast look.

8. Huntress

Huntress is a superhero in many DC Comics but is popularly associated with Batman. She is skilled in all forms of combat. Huntress’ costume has evolved through the years. Her makeup is quite simple since she has a mask on and wigs at VeryVoga will fit the Huntress’ hairstyle.

The new Huntress costume does not expose as much skin, except for the rectangular opening on her front that exposes her belly. Over her skintight bodysuit, she has an armor, the staple purple cape strapped to her shoulders, a crucifix necklace. The outfit also includes thigh-high combat boots, a belt buckle with the Batman symbol and large triangle ears. Her limbs and waist have pouches strapped onto them, and she has her crossbow. Since the Huntress is a sexy figure and her costume is intricately designed, it would take hours and mastery to create a costume befitting her status.

9. Martian Manhunter

As an original member of the Justice League of America, Martian Manhunter is a very powerful superhero, possessing Superman-like capabilities. He is seriously scarred disfigured from a fire in an earlier life. His costume is a formfitting dark blue bodysuit with a red X over his whole chest and a red belt. He has a Martian head with red eyes, an ankle-length flowing cape and boots. Sculpting the head and making the muscles bulge on his abs and limbs require painstaking creative work.

10. Cyborg

Another DC Comics superhero, Cyborg is one of the founding members of Justice League. He has superhuman capabilities, thanks to being half human and half machine. His mechanical parts contain a variety of weapons and tools, and he can also interface with computers. The Cyborg costume is basically metallic-looking. Bodysuits in light metallic material make up the base. Then there are DIY metallic arms and legs crafted from foam and metallic paint. It’s an elaborate process that only authentic cosplayers will go to the trouble of creating. YouTube tutorials are available to help you through the making.

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