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How Geek Culture Has You Looking Forward to More Movies and TV Seasons

If you’re into anything geeky, from superheroes to sci-fi, it’s likely you have some favorite TV shows or movie series that you keep up with religiously.

Maybe you’re hankering for the next season of The Walking Dead, if only to find out if Glen will no longer be alive. Or maybe you’re itching for the next superhero flick to be released, whether DC or Marvel.

There’s a reason people get so addicted to the world(s) of the geek, and part of it has to do with great marketing. With geek culture, you aren’t just getting a cool TV show or an awesome movie; there’s always more bang for your buck, and more great items to spend money on.

Each mythos comes with its own games, toys, and more. Real geek entertainment fans don’t settle for buying a few of the products and watching the movies; they also create a blog to tell people what they think of the latest episode of Arrow or the most recent stills for Aquaman.

They record videos of their own reactions when they watch trailers for geek movies and post them to YouTube. And they look forward to the newest Funko creations and the new comic book day.

Something More Tangible Than the Screen

The same way that Disney comes out with toys to accompany their movies and build hype, so too does the world of geekdom offer plenty of toys and gadgets for nerds everywhere to collect. It wasn’t that long ago that Funko released its first geeky vinyl toy, and now children and adults everywhere are collecting them.

Why? Well, for one thing, Funko has covered all the corners of geekdom with its toys. There’s literally something for everyone.

From superheroes to punk rock icons, these toys make it easy to collect your geeky favorites, and there are always new ones being created so you can get your hands on them. And, as happens with most toys, there are collectors who don’t even remove them from the box, in the hopes that one day the owner might be able to help put the grandchildren through college with them.

Read All About It

Not only do the toys linked to your favorite geek TV shows and movies keep you wanting more, but so do the books and graphic novels that continue to fill the shelves of your favorite media stores. Buffy The Vampire Slayer fans were bummed many years ago when the show got cancelled, but it lives on in a comic book series.

In this way the iconic character keeps the fans wanting more, and begging for a return of their favorite series.

There’s Always a Hope for the Future

Some geek fans who want more actually get what they want when their favorite nerdy show makes its way back to the small screen, even if just for a short run. Last year, X-Files fans got a chance to see what happened next to Mulder and Scully when the show returned for a brief run of six episodes. And it’s not the only show that has been in the works for a reprise.

Even if your favorites never come back, the odds are there’s some fanboy or fangirl out there with a talent for writing who has placed a piece of fanfiction available online somewhere for you to read. Because, in the end, it is the fans who keep the dream alive, even when a favorite TV show gets cancelled or your favorite superhero seems to have been killed.

And each time a commercial airs, or you see that trending section on Facebook, you get regular reminders of all of the great TV shows and movies your little geek heart loves. So keep buying the memorabilia, and keep posting blogs about your favorite Green Arrow gadgets and why Jason Momoa will be the best thing to ever happen to Aquaman … because you are keeping the dream alive.

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