Geek Love: Geek Speed Dating for Real

Geek Speed Dating

Some time this week, I got a mention or DM (I don’t remember which) on Twitter about a new
TV show called Geek Love. I won’t even go as far as try to figure out why I would get such a message, but I didn’t pay it much attention. I hardly watch TV anyway.

Today, the term Geek Love caught my eye again as I was browsing. Apparently, mainstream TV channel TLC is airing this TV show on December 18. Naturally, I did a quick search on the term, but didn’t come up with much except that it is also a novel written by somebody called katherine Dunn.

The TV show Geek Love, however, seems to be taking the label geek AND the propensity of some people for reality TV to a whole new level. I do not know if you have heard of him, but there is this guy named Ryan Glitch. He is supposed to be an entrepreneur whose specialty is Sci-Fi Speed Dating. With that label attached, it was not a surprise to me when I read that his business targets “geeky clientele”. Whatever that is supposed to mean.

The show will not span an entire full-blown season, but instead will only be two specials of half an hour each. The setting: the New York Comic Con. Depending on the success of the specials, we might just get “treated” to a whole season of Geek Love.

Having described the concept (I assume there is no need to delve into the mechanics of speed dating), I pose this question to you: What do you think of the speed dating service tailored especially for geeks? Furthermore, what do you think of having this speed dating service turned into a reality TV show?

It might be the private prim person in me, but every cell in my body is just saying no way, Jose. And no, I don’t think I shall be waiting in anticipation for Geek Love to air either. I’m happy with Grimm and reruns of Supernatural for now.

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