Win Geek-Inspired scentFX Orbs from Adventure Scents

All the cards are on the table. It’s head-to-head between you and your worst enemy. The air is filled with the fetid odor of trolls, and you just know it’s a trap…

…but wait, the odor is just in your head! Your imagination is so vivid that you can almost smell the troll’s lair, but what if you can actually smell the odor?

You know, just like you can smell coffee brewing or bacon frying in the morning.

With geek-inspired scents from Adventure Scents, you can take your tabletop night to whole new levels. All your creativity combined, the tones of your voices, the perfect lighting…then, boom! Your olfactory glands get a treat (or trick).

That’s what Adventure Scents wants to do with its scentFX Orbs, which are magical potpourri, hand-crafted by harvesting the olfactory glands of aging gnomes. Before you get up in arms because of gnome rights, I think Adventure Scents have the gnomes’ express permission.

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With this base material, scentFX Orbs are concocted and formed into easy-to-use beads for any occasion.

Adventure Scents is scent special effects for games, books, movies, costumes, and more. You can choose from over 40 realistic scents based on common adventure locations. You can use the Scent-O-Matic machine on the website to help you match scents with your favorite games and fictional worlds.

Geek-inspired scents for RPG nights

Adventure Scents wants to give you an RPG night that you won’t forget with its RPG 4-Pack, which contains 4 scentFX jars.

Enchanted Forest

Key scents: lush greenery, fallen leaves

The perfect scent to start off your adventure. Breath in the fresh air. Expect faeries to welcome you any time now. But don’t get too comfy…

Dank Dungeon

Key scents: dirt, dankness

Heads up! Treasures untold await, but so do monsters and worse.

Wizard’s Tower

Key scents: pipe tobacco and sage

Warning: You might suddenly feel nostalgic and want to feel Gandalf’s embrace as he makes magical smoke rings.

Welcoming Inn

Key scent: beef stew

Get ready to rest your weary bodies with the smell of a warm, cozy inn after a long, brutal battle with a band of rogues. Replenish your energy and stock before you go out into the wild once again. Of course, you need to talk to someone in the inn for instructions and clues before you do that.

Wanting scentFX Orbs now?

Learn more about Adventure Scents so that you can decide on which scents to use for your next get-together (aside from what we’re giving away, of course).

You can find them online via:

Now, for the geek scents giveaway.

The details:

  • One winner will get a pack with the four scents shown above.
  • The giveaway is open to everyone – no geo-restrictions!
  • The giveaway starts today, January 25 and ends on Sunday, January 31.
  • The winner will be announced on February 1.

Send in your entries by tweeting, commenting, and following the other instructions below, and get ready for geek scents to come your way!

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Good luck, and may the odors ever be in your favor!

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