Geek Tears: 5 video Game Deaths That Make Us Weep

Dying and video games go hand in hand, and they have since the inception of gaming. Whether being chased by colored ghosts in Pac-Man, or being killed by the very first goomba in Super Mario Brothers, death is an important aspect of gaming. It is often how we evolve with the game and get better. Dark Souls players are nodding and saluting that statement. But sometimes, the heaviest deaths in gaming are not the deaths that happen to us as the player, but rather, the deaths of those characters around us we did not have the power to save. When we die, it’s like, okay, moving on. But some of these video game deaths really screwed us up and stuck with us, like losing someone we know.

Warning, some obvious spoilers ahead, but all for mostly old games so unless you are sucky at being a geek, you should be fine.

Dom in Gear of War 3


Dom was a tragic character. He really was. From the first game on, he was the one who was the most distraught and directly affected by the events that unfold in the game. Though I found the moment when he found his dead wife in part 2 to be one of the saddest moments in gaming ever, this slot is for the sacrifice that Dom made to ensure his teammates could continue their battle.

From the solo piano playing in that moment to the way the other Gears react, it just dick punches you in the soul.

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Lee in The Walking Dead (Telltale)


You knew from the very first harrowing decision you made in this game that you were in for a ride that was basically going to beat you down. And though there are MANY gut wrenching deaths in this game’s two seasons, the hardest one is when you basically die as the main character, leaving little Clementine to survive the walker apocalypse on her own.

Just that “I’m gonna miss you” line, with his face going all gray, just rips the heart strings. Plus, you know the hell that is in store for this little girl and it only makes it worse.

Sarah in Last of Us


I know, we only know Sarah in Last Of Us for about ten minutes before she dies. In many ways, we have no connection to her at all. Yet we do, through the simple interaction we witnessed between her and her Dad (who is the player). Granted, you may know it is coming from the first second you boot up the game (you can FEEL that this girl does not stick around) but just the close banter she has in those few moments asserted an awesome relationship between these two, which made her impending death even sadder.

Plus, seeing a young girl get shot down for no reason then her Dad freaking out and trying to wake her up when she is dead is sad as shit unless you have no soul.

Every Single Moment in Shadow of the Colossus (on Second Playthrough)


Once you KNOW what you did when you finish Shadow of the Colossus for the first time, it shakes you to your core. You played a game where you  thought you were the hero, only to find out that you were actually making a species of beautiful creatures go extinct.

On top of that, you lost your horse and you lost the girl and you turned into a demon. It is both jarring and excruciatingly sad. It also makes a second playthrough so much more intense as you realize you are felling these mighty beasts when they have done NOTHING wrong. It is like the book version of I Am Legend (go read it now if you haven’t to understand the connection I am making).

Some of the best game writing of all time right there.

Whats-Her-Face from Final Fantasy 7


I know, I know. I get it. I played it too, and yes, was shocked when it happened. You cannot talk about video game deaths and not bring us Aerith (Aeris). But at this point, this one has been so talked to death by internerds that what more could I add here some virgin hasn’t blogged already?

One point of interest for many is to see how this death will be handled in the upcoming remake. Will they drop a bomb on us and switch it up, or will she get stabbed in a fucking church again because Square is just that fucking hardcore?

Guess we have to wait to weep again for that one.

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