Geek Baby: Onesies and Bibs

My wife and I had our first child a month ago, and I’ve been on the constant search for cool things to do with my baby. See for dads – at least for me – the baby portion of life really isn’t very eventful. After all, I’m not the baby factory, and so I’m not going to be the food source. Instead, I occasionally hang out with him on the couch, change a diaper or 12, but otherwise, it’s just not very exciting. I can’t take him to his first ballgame or anything, and it’s not like we can go check out Avatar with a stroller, so instead, I come up with way to entertain myself. Like these outfits above.

ThinkGeek is a great place for all things geeky, and these Star Trek Onesies are the hot ticket. For those of you without kids, these are the outfits a baby wears 24/7. They provide easy access for diapers, and they’re easier to clean than a pair of pants and a shirt. Plus they look cute. So throw in the fact that these are Star Trek models, and you’ve got a great looking kid on your hands. Now I wouldn’t put my child in a red shirt – that’s bad karma – but the other three are perfect. At $15.99 each they’re a touch pricey for baby clothes, but if you’ve got a convention you’re planning to attend, this should be your next purchase.

Next up is the NomNomNom bib for $7.99. True story: my kid actually says “nom” when he eats. I consider it his first words. Well, unless you count clicks and whistles. Anyways, this bib is also filed under “super cute” and is a must for any geek dad like myself. In fact, I’m going to order one right now.

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