Geek Felt Gadget Cases At Coolbeans717

Buying and owning gadgets these days involve a lot of things. Not only do you have to think about the gadget itself, but you also have to choose from a plethora of accessories. One of the most common accessories that gadget owners look for in earnest is the case, or housing, or whatever you want to call it. After all, one wants to be able to keep his mobile phone, mp3 player, or other gadget intact and scratch-free. More than that, a cool looking case will certainly inspire the envy of other gadget freaks out there.

I was doing my Etsy rounds earlier and I stumbled upon this shop called Coolbeans717. this shop focuses on cases made of felt. It features cases for various gadgets like the iPhone, iPod (various models), and the Zune. There are around 40 or so cases on offer in the shop, but here are the ones that I think might interest you.

Spam Meat Can Felt Case

As you can see, it looks just like that good old Spam – who doesn’t like Spam? At the back of the case, you can make use of the pocket for headphones and other small items that you like to bring around with you. This case can fit iPhones, the iPod Classic, and the iTouch. Phones of similar sizes will also fit. This goes for $25.

Pac Man Clyde Ghost Felt Case

Now THAT’s classic, isn’t it? This case also fits the same items mentioned above, and it comes in other “ghost variations.” It will set you back $20.

Great Christmas gift ideas, don’t you think?

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