Geek Necessity: PajamaJeans!

By Lia

Amagawd! Every geek HAS to have PajamaJeans, I swear to the geek gods! It’s a must to enhance the lazy geek experience. Admit it, you guys have your slug days and moments, too. And slug days (lazy, do-nothing days) are never complete until you don’t take a bath, haha!

Rawr, I want one.

Just because I’m having a slug day doesn’t mean I have to dress like a slug! And sometimes, I have slug moments in my fiance’s house. I usually complain that it’s so bothersome to dress up when I’m just going to hang out at their place. What’s the point of me wearing uncomfortable denim jeans when all we’re going to do is lie down in his bed and watch DVDs the whole day. But then I really can’t dress down since it’s quite embarrassing if his siblings or worse, his parents see me in ratty pajamas. We might be engaged, but I personally think that’s way beyond my comfort zone, haha.

And the best yet, you can just jump out of bed, do errands and people won’t have to know that you literally just got out of bed! Unless they get a whiff of you, hehe!

Where to buy: PajamaJeans
Price: $39.95

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