The Geekiest Engagement and Wedding Rings of Our Time

Nerds are challenging the traditional selection of a diamond for their rings, and ditching sparkling rocks in favor of designs that more accurately express their devotion to certain fandoms. In response to the demand, metal and gem artisans are finding new consumer niches within the ring industry.

You can’t log on to Etsy or Pinterest these days without running into a compelling new design for geek wedding or engagement jewelry. Check out some of these excellent nuptial odes to geekery.

Sailor Scout engagement rings


Imbue your upcoming nuptials with the power of the moon, planets, and stars! These amazing 3D mockup designs inspired by the Sailor Moon anime series hit Tumblr by storm.

They feature gemstone-and-yellow-gold rings that depict various Sailor Scout attacks, such as “Thunder Crash,” “Tiara Moon Magic,” and “Fire Ignite.” The names of these superpowers are engraved inside the band, which keeps these references a geeky in-joke between you and your partner.

Choose a design that best fits your personality: Are you a klutzy shopaholic like Serena, or more serious and fiery like Rei Hino?

Iron Man arc reactor


This unique ring crafted and sold by VaLaJewellery has turned heads on Etsy. Each ring is made to order, and evokes Tony Stark’s fusion-powered arc reactor, which is embedded in his chest.

The ring can symbolize energy, power, motivation, and unending love. Since the arc reactor was developed as a source of clean, sustainable energy, it offers an apt symbol for the vitality of a true romantic relationship.

These rings are made to order on Etsy, so you can select from a wide range of band materials, including white gold or black rhodium. An aquamarine centerpiece surrounded by stunning princess-cut diamonds represents the blue glow.

The One ring


A number of online retailers sell versions of the One Ring from The Lord of the Rings. Tolkien fanatics might like to wear this band as a wedding or engagement ring, if they don’t mind the darker connotations. Remember, the original was crafted by Sauron at Mount Doom, and it allowed him to exert his malicious power.

These rings are typically made of sterling silver or gold, with an exterior engraving in Tolkien’s fictional Black Speech text. The script reads, “One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.”

While some fans might baulk at the notions of power and corruption associated with the ring, others might be enthralled by its simple elegance.

Starfleet Insignia



Etsy is also home to countless Star Trek Starfleet insignia rings crafted with a variety of metals, including sterling silver or white gold. Some of these feature a single gemstone, such as a sapphire, for a splash of color.

Others include a streak formed of multiple diamonds. This symbol is a mainstay on Starfleet uniforms, and beloved by Trekkies worldwide.

Legend of Zelda Triforce


Like the One Ring and the Starfleet insignia, Triforce rings can be found at multiple retailers online. Nintendo game fans worldwide have grown up with the Legend of Zelda games, and the magical symbolism of wish-granting Triforce is a natural image to incorporate into your upcoming wedding!

Purchasing jewelry and making preparations for an upcoming geek wedding can be extremely fun, if costly. Before you start making jewelry purchases online, do your homework and make sure the retailers are reputable.

Study their return policies in case you change your mind regarding a design or ring size. An informed shopping experience can make your upcoming engagement and wedding a lot less stressful!

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