Geeks and Cats: The Perfect Couple

If there is one thing most computer loving, video game playing and internet savvy ladies have in common, it’s their odd obsession with their cat. You see them all over the internet. Cats in bags, cats in luggage, cats helping with homework and cats trampling all over the computer. Oh, and don’t forget the hashtags. A true geeks best friend, the internet, is swamped with kitty love and affection, so it’s no strange fact that most geeky ladies will have their little geeky cat named Tesla or Selina Kyle. Here’s a shout out to all the all of you who’d like to spoil your home dominating kitty.

Just Chillin’


While you suffer trying to find your cat another space to claim as their own, preferably one that isn’t your keyboard while you attempt a raid on WOW, other cat owners have found the secret. As seen on this blog great movements are being made in kitty-lovers housewares. Get your cat a cat shelf, a cat nest or even super awesome cat tree. It’s cool, anyone visiting your home won’t judge you on your elaborate kitty gifts, but they may want to know where you got them!

Foolin’ Around


Toys are a gamer’s best friend. Sure, you love your cat on your lap, but it probably isn’t the best place for the fuzz ball to be when you’re battling a boss on your latest Fable game. Therefore, consider some interactive cat toys listed here. Your cat can get some entertainment and stimulation while you conquer the greatest foes of your game character’s life.

Snack Time


Scooby isn’t the only one who needs his snacks, your fur ball enjoys snacks too, just don’t expect any tricks for them. All natural snacks provided by Halo are a great addition to your overstuffed cat cupboard. Though it may be hard to convert your mind to away from Halo the video game, it isn’t hard to appreciate what Halo the cat company has to offer for you, your budget and your best cuddle buddy.

Share in the Geekdom

Unfortunately for your cat, costumes such as these exist. This means that for all of your LARPS, cosplay or other daily events, your cats can dress up and celebrate with you. Clearly, Mr. Mcmuffins has his own style, so it’s important you browse through all the copious amounts of cat blogs and cat photos to find one perfect for him. Alternatively, whip out that old sewing machine and make one yourself.


Though geeks and cats have a long history of struggling over the keyboard or control of the best computer gaming chair, many items have become available for creating some harmony within the home. Relieve some of the frustration of claiming dominance by bribing your cat with some of the aforementioned items, and then enjoy some of your gaming, reading or browsing time in peace.

Catwoman Cosplay With Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne

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